Orissa : Paradeep


Paradweep or Paradeep or Paradip: Paradeep city, about 83 km from Cuttack, is developed around the sea port of Paradeep. Ships are coming from different places of the world to the busy sea port of Paradweep, which is also the biggest sea port of India. Buy a ticket spending 20 rupees to see the port related activities. The estuary where Mahanadi River is meeting the Bay of Bengal is located at a distance of 16 km from the bus stand of Paradweep. The violent ocean is hitting the yellowish sandy beach with its ferocious waves. The wild side of the Bay of Bengal and fish port can be seen spending just 2 rupees. Tourists who want to buy fishes can buy them from the fish port. Light house, Crocodile Park, Deer park, Santi Park, Saraladevi temple, Hanuman temple, and Jagannath temple are the other coveted visiting destinations for the holiday makers. Marine aquariums with 28 rooms covered by glasses coupled with the adjoining light house are the places of interests.

The commemorative ground carries the memories of those people who were died in 1999 during the cyclone.

Turtles travel all the way to the sea beach of Paradweep from South America.
Seuli beach, the newly added tourist destination in the map of Orissa, is another beach which will offer a nice and soothing outing in the serenity.

How to Reach: Paradweep is very well connected to Cuttack by road and also by railways. Trains and buses regularly connect Paradweep to Cuttack.

Where to Stay: Hotel Aristocrat, Hotel Paradwip International, Hotel Golden Anchor, Hotel Padma, Jawahar Guest House, Panthanivas and Hotel Golden Anchor are the noteworthy places where tourists can stay overnight.
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