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Sundargarh district, the homeland of the tribes, is situated in the northern corridor of Sambalpur. Towering hills, all around the district, are covered with the lingering greeneries. The natural locus of the contiguous lands is breathtaking. The district is affluent in minerals as well.

Rourkela steel plant on the eastern banks of the Brahmani River is one of the largest steel plants in India. It was renowned as a village previously but now is a well developed terrain. At an altitude of 219 meters, on the Chaotanagpur plateau, Raurkela is a remarkable business hub which is encircled with the engrossing natural elevations. The steel plant had actively started its production with a capacity of 60 lakh tons of steels. Raurkela steel plant, which was built on 15th August in 1953, was a result of the collaboration between its own authority and Kup Dimag Company of Germany. Now, a well designed city has been urbanized with a sprawling 45 square km of area around the north-west side of the state, Orissa. Another dream came true in 1962, when Raurkela had hosted a fertilizer plant. Interested tourists have to take permission from PRO if they wish to visit the plant.

One of the sought after attractions of Raurkela, apart from its well known industrial plants, is the Indira Gandhi Park which is spreading over a rambling area of 28 acres in sector-v. Besides the observation tower, Japanibag, waterfall, orchards, mini zoo, aquarium, Dal museum, and many more enticements are available in the Park premise. Indira Park is a foremost place where inhabitants assemble for an exciting evening walk. Hanuman Batika in the central Raurkela, covering 13 acres of lands, houses the largest Hanuman idol of the world. It was built in 1994.

The fascinating and well garnished city houses numerous parks and edifices to allure tourists. Nehru Traffic Park of Sector-19, Green Park (225 acres) of Sector-viii, Mriga (deer) Vihar and Jagannath temple are some of the noteworthy tourist attractions in the propinquity. 

The lifeline of Raurkela, the lively Brahmani River, about 9 km away from the city towards Sambalpur, has started its journey at the point where the Rivers Sankha and Koyel confluence. The River Saraswati has also begun its voyage together with the streams of Brahmani.

The author of the impressive epic Mahabharata, Vedavyas, was born atop the hilly tila, on the River bank of Brahmani. Besides the memorial of Bedabyas, Shiva, Ram and many more hallowed temples are built in the proximity for the temple lovers. Ananta Vasudeb temple, Kedargouri temple, Lingaraj temple, church and mosque are also there.

To save time, it is prudent and wise to hire an auto or a car to visit the tourist attractions of Raurkela.

Located at a distance of 28 km from the city, on the bank of Sankha River, Mandira dam is another coveted destination for the city dwellers. Take the pleasure in the boating on the surface of the incredible Lake. It is a wonderful destination for the picnic and outing lovers.

Holiday makers who want to enjoy the vista around the dam should definitely stay at Mandira Guest House, at least for a night.

Tensa, at an elevation of 3780 feet, about 100 km away from Raurkela, is a place where the Steel Authority of India Limited is working on its mammoth project. The huge project has taken place around the Barsuan iron ore. The iron is taken out of the ore, situated at a distance of 12 km from Barsuan and is processed before it is sent to Raurkela. A special permission would allow you to see the work processes of the gigantic plant.

Picturesque Tensa, is well sheltered and hidden in the shades of the soaring Sal, Mahua and Kendu trees. Tribes like Munda, Togo, and Lakhra are the indwellers who live their lives in and around the magnificent destination. Travelers should walk through the red soil and the Lingering green territory of Tensa to visit the Jagannath temple.

Buses and jeeps are frequently going to Tensa from Raurkela touching Barsuan in three hours. A number of places can also be accessed from Tensa by road. Barsuan railway station, about 77 km away from Tensa, is well connected to Raurkela by railways.

If you are interested to stay at the viscinity of steel production and activities of the plant, then you can stay at Tensa Bhawan or Tensa House, built by the SAIL authority. These guest houses offer a panoramic view of the sunset as well.

The mesmerizing Khandadhar waterfall, lies at a distance of 92 km from Raurkela, is coming down from a height of 244 meters. The ferocious and vociferous water stream is breaking the tranquility of the heavenly paradise. 

Buses which are going to the waterfall are touching Bonaigarh, about 19 km from the waterfall, on their way. You have to walk for half km before you reach the waterfall. All the way, the ever green nature will always entertain you with its astonishing backdrop.

You can stay at PWD IB or at Revenue IB in Bonaigarh.

The captivating hilly village, Darjing, about 51 km from Raurkela, located on the banks of Brahmani River, is well known as Darjeeling of Orissa. Jaunt lovers will enjoy the gripping greeneries around the spot.

The one and only tea garden of Orissa is located at a distance of 60 km from Keonjhar. The tract to the tea garden is making its way through the compelling green manor. The rippling waterfalls on the way are astonishing and charming.

Hire a car to the tea garden from Tensa or Raurkela for a comfortable trip.

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