Orissa : Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary (Ganda) and Angul


Satkosia Gorge (ganda) sanctuary: One of the fascinating gorges of Mahanadi River, covering a lingering land of 22 km in its territory, will help you to find the solace and peace of mind. The scenic beauty around the riveting dale on both the banks of the rippling stream of Mahanadi River will hold your attention. Depth of the River is 40 feet here.

The sanctuary was established in 1976 and it has got the status of the tiger reserve forest in 2007. The terrain of the sanctuary is casing 795.52 square km of land, located at an elevation of 350 meters. The deep and rich forest land is set in the shades of segun, tic, asan and kurum trees. The locale of the sanctuary is well stretched around the areas of Angul, Cuttack, Nayagarh, and Bodh district. More than 400 species of vegetations are the examples of the rich biodiversity of the woods. 195 elephants, 17 tigers, 30 leopards, Sambar, deer, chousinga, burking deer, mouse deer, bison and panthers are the dwellers of this opaque woodland. 161 kinds of birds fly in and around the territory. More than 183 species of vibrant fishes are preserved and spotted in the sanctuary. Temperature of the manor varies from 40 to 48 degree Celsius. The humidity level stays around 80% level. The best time to arrange a trip to this sanctuary is during October-May.

Gharial Research & Conservation Unit and the adjoining Nature Awareness Centre of Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary are the foremost initiatives of the sanctuary authority. Take a walk to Ramgaonnala through the hypnotic banks of the River, about 5 km from the sanctuary. The ferocious water streams of the Mohamayee waterfall are hitting the ground fiercely. You can also enjoy a pleasing boat ride on the water surface of the River Mahanadi spending 500 rupees per hour. Watch a Gharial swimming alongside the boat. It looks amazing when a bunch of crocodiles and gharial enjoy the sunbath on the banks of Mahanadi. Watching the wilderness and listening to the tunes of the birds will be an enticing experience for the tourists.
A temporary tent of Eco Tourism offers plenty of pleasing sports and adventures if you stay in the camp. This campaign is organized during the month of November. Tikorpara Panchavati Bamboo Hut is another option where you can stay overnight. Watch the scenic beauty around the lash green lands by riding on an elephant. Hire a own jeep and go to Kandhaida watch tower amidst the deep forest to see thirsty denizens drinking water from the neighboring pond at the end of the day.

You can stay at Puranakot Forest Rest House, located at a distance of 10 km from Tikarparah. Tourist can enjoy the beautiful natural environs staying at the Baghmunda Forest Rest House, situated in the middle of the woodland of soaring segun trees. Situated at a distance of 13 km from Puranakot, Tulka Forest Rest House is another fascinating place for a night stay where from tourist can witness the wonder of the lingering forests along with the variety of ambling forest dwellers.
Take a walk to the elephant watch tower, about three and half km from the rest house. Lucky people can get a glimpse of ambling tigers in the forest of Baghmunda. The streams of Bheemgarah water fall, situated adjacent to the Tulka Forest Rest House, is hugging the rocks of the hill and is coming down with its untamed streams from a height of more than 100 feet. The place will surely mesmerize picnic and spree lovers.

The best place for the nature lovers to stay is at Labangi Forest Rest House, about 11 km from Bheemgarah falls. The charming rest house set in the gripping greeneries is surrounded by the hills all around. The view of the sceneries from the rest house premise will take you to another world of joy and elation. It is very difficult to see the spiteful tigers but don’t be surprised if you get to hear the roar of the tigers. Leopards, elephants, deer, beer, and bison are the other common denizens around the manor of the bungalow. Wonderful blooming flowers adorn the compelling forest lands. The Kantari Singa Watch Tower, about 4 km from the rest house, placed adjacent to the Kantari dam, hidden by trees, pulls the crowd towards the watch tower. Trekking lovers can take a guide alongside and trek to Satkosia sanctuary, located at a distance of 37 km from the nearby place Pakdandi.

Tourists can also stay at Roigorah Forest Rest House, about 14 km from Labangi or Pampasar Forest Rest House.
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How to reach: You can avail a train from Kolkata to Cuttack. Regular bus services are available to Angul from Cuttack. The sanctuary can be accessed from Angul by road. Angul, about 606 km away from Kolkata, is connected to Kolkata by bus as well.

Angul: Angul is not as attractive as any other nearby woodlands. But if you don’t plan your trip properly or have not booked any of the rest house earlier then you have to stay at Angul, at least for a night. The town is known as a business hub which connects to the foremost tourist destinations like Labangi and Tikarparah. Interested and enthusiastic holiday makers can see the sought after destinations like Jagannath temple, Nalco Smelter Plant and Nalco CPP. If there is any problem in booking the rest house then it is better to visit Satkosia gorge sanctuary and come back on the same day to Angul.

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How to reach: Angul, about 606 km away from Kolkata, is connected directly to Kolkata by bus. A bus is going to Angul regularly and it starts at 5 pm from Kolkata. You can also reach it from Cuttack

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