Punjab: Anandpur Sahib and Naina Devi - A Tourist's Guide


  Naina Devi and Anandpur Sahib

One of the holiest Sikh Pilgrimages of India is Anandpur Sahib. It is believed that, one of the five thrones of the deity is also placed in Anandpur Sahib. Pilgrims who visit this finicky spot believe that the great saint, Vashist had worshipped sitting on the consecrated premise of Anandpur. Valmiki had written the Hindu epic, Ramayana, in this city as well.

The hallowed Anandpur Sahib was famously known as Chowk Nanaki. Guru Tegh Bahadur came in this holy land on 19th June, 1665. He bought land here as well. To recall his memories, a museum has been built in Anandpur as a commemorative. Weapons used by Guru Govind are passionately kept on the shelves of the museum at Keshpur.

Later on, Guru Tegh Bahadur had been killed by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi on 11th November, 1675. The decapitated head of Tegh Bahadur was cremated on 17th November, 1675 on the holy premise of Anandpur.

Keshpur, a neighboring destination, is another sanctified place to be at. Huge numbers of Sikh pilgrims every year flock to Keshpur as well. The place has got its reputation due to the 10th Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh, the son of Guru Tegh Bahadur. On 1st of Baisakh (A month of Hindu calendar year), during the festivity of “Khande-Ki-Pahul”, Govind Singh had trained five Sikhs for fighting a tough battle in order to fulfill the wishes and desires of the Sikh community. He trained them and named them as lions before forming a group called Panj Piare. These trained people were considered holy human beings or Khalsa. On this divine day, a captivating fort, namely Keshargarh Sahib was erected. The establishment of the base of the Anandpur Sahib was actually commenced on 30th March, 1689. This was the spot where devotees and descendents of Guru Gobind Singh used to come to get trained. On 5th December, 1705, Guru Govind left Anandpur Sahib giving all the responsibilities of Panj Pyare to Gurabkhas Das Udasi. Anandpur houses a lot of Gurdwaras which are coveted places for the people of Sikh communities. One of the holiest city forts of Punjab is Anandpur Sahib or Keshgarh.

The most popular and pretty Gurdwara among all the Gurdwaras here is located atop the tiny tila. The Gurdwara, made up of white marbles, depicts an excellent architectural panache. The best time to visit Anandpur is during the festival of color, Holi. The Sikh Festival called Holla- Mohalla is celebrated here on the very next day of Holi. This is the time when innumerable Sikhs showcase their artillery talents in a demo battle. Well dressed in blue attires Niahang Sikhs celebrate the Holla-Mohalla. They drape themselves in war- dresses and move around Anandpur Sahib. Inhabitants of Anandpur groove along with others and showcase innovative Bhangra steps.

How to reach Anandpur: Anandpur Sahib is a holy destination of Ropar District, at the foothill of Naina Devi. The Anandpur Sahib Railway station is positioned atop a tiny hill. Trains which are going to Nangal are touching Anandpur Sahib on their way. The road to Anandpur is going alongside the water stream of the Shatadru River. Buses regularly travel to Anandpur Sahib by bus from Chandigarh and Kiratpur. The trip of Bhakra, Nangal and Anandpur can be completed on the same day.

Where to stay at Anandpur: If you want to stay in a spiritual environment, then you can stay at Gurdwara. The Guest House of Anandpur Sahib is impressive as well. Other hotels in Anandpur Sahib are Katamba Tourist Bungalow of Punjab Tourism and the Champa Tourist Hut of Haryana Tourism. The Champa Tourist Hut is placed in between Keshabgarh and Anandpur fort.

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Naina Devi

Located in Himachal Pradesh, Naina Devi is mostly accessed by the devotees who travel to the holy destination, Anandpur. Positioned at an altitude of 1083 meters, the sacred and imposing Naina Devi temple is only 28 km away from Kiratpur and is placed on an elevated tila. It is considered as one of the 51 holy Sati Pithas of the sect of Hindu Community. Pilgrims and city dwellers believe that this is the place where the eyes of Sati had fallen at. Pilgrims consider Naina Devi as a divine paradise where the worldly desires and wishes of pilgrims are fulfilled. Devotees climb up the consecrated temple through 500 stairways, placed on the undulating hilly slopes. The panoramic view of nearby Anandpur Sahib and Gibind Sagar from the elevated temple premise enthralls the spirited tourists as well. A primeval cave is there beside one of the temples here.

To witness the natural surrounds from a different perspective, you should ride on the rope way car which travels for 22 long km in between Swarghat and Bhakra.

How to reach: Buses are going to the pilgrimage point, Naina Devi from Anandpur and Kiratpur.

Where to stay: Rest House, Forest Rest House, Tourists Inn, Dharamshala and few privately owned hotels.

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