Punjab: Hoshiarpur - A Tourist's Guide


Hoshiarpur is a place which is admired and liked by all the spiritual people. Tourists and artists who love to gaze at spiritual portraits would also have a nice time being there at Hoshiarpur Thakur Dwaram Titoali temple. The mythological tales related to Krishna, the Hindu mythological character, have been innovatively portrayed on the displayed pictures in this hallowed temple.

The Vedic research center (VVRI) of Hoshiarpur is a popular attraction which is accessed by all the tourists and inhabitants of the surrounding places. The library of this finicky research center is a spot which can quench the thirst of Knowledge with the assortment of rare and atypical Sanskrit books. The archeological museum of VVRI is rich and is pulling crowds in abundance as well. If you believe in astrology, then you should send your name, father’s name, birth day, birth time, birth year and birth time to Bhrigushastri Hari Dev Sharma to get to know your past stories and future aspects. The address is: Bhrigushastri Hari Dev Sharma, Hari Metal Industries, Jullundur Road, Industry Area, Hoshiarpur- 146001, Punjab, call- (01882)- 253547. Many more astrological centers are there in Hoshiarpur as well. Many more renowned Indian hockey players were born in Hoshiarpur.

Wooden dolls and many musical instruments can be bought from Hoshiarpur to remember the trip in future.

The tomb of Khwaja Diwan Chishti is another adjoining tourists’ spot.

How to reach: Hoshiarpur, about 44 km away from Jalandhar, is located on the Jalandhar- Hoshiarpur railway track. Buses also on a regular basis ply to Hoshiarpur from Jalandhar.

Where to stay: Dharamsala, Palace Hotel and Lajwanti Tourist Complex.

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