Patiala, Malerkola and Sirhind - A Tourist's Guide



Once popularly known as the capital of the independent Sikh state, Patiala is now famous in the vicinity for its ancient fort and beguiling royal palace. The Indian Government, however, is taking care of these primeval and lavish evidences of Patiala.

One of the grandest allurements of entire Asia is Moti Bagh Palace. It is the prime and most significant tourists’ spot of Patiala. This captivating palace resembles the sumptuousness and stylishness of the riveting Shalimar Garden of Lahore. The prominent and momentous commingling of the pretty Mughal and Rajput architectural modishness gave this impressive historical evidence a class-apart grandeur, thanks to the emperor Narinder Singh, the builder of the palace. The ornamentation shown on the glasses of the Shish Mahal are the treats to the travelers. Another impressive enticement of Moti Bagh Palace is its affluent museum. Hand written scripts and portraits (drawn by the artists who came here all the way from Rajasthan and Kangra) make this museum a popular attraction. The selected topics of these pictures demonstrate a well thought out plan and prevision of these artists. The collection of thousands of medals (4 thousands approximately) of the Emperor Bhupinder Singh is increasing the elegance of the museum shelves. The enamel works on the beautiful swords and knifes recollect the old graceful touches as well.

The newly built Moti Bagh palace is drawing tourists’ attention since its inception (1962).

The humane musical trends of Patiala have been admired and liked by plenty of music lovers. Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Bundu Khan are few of the bright names of the Patiala Musical arena. Besides Quilla Mubarak, about 8 km away from the city of Patiala, built by the emperor Ala Singh in 1764, Baradari Ground, Mahakali temple, Rajeshwari temple and Dukhniwaran Gurdwara are the other imposing and sought after tourists’ enticements of Patiala.

If you have an interest to watch the historical monuments, then you can travel all the way to the enamoring Bahadurgarh fort, about 8 km away towards the north- eastern side of Patiala on Chandigarh road. This enthralling historical fort was actually erected during 1658 by Nawab Saif Khan. Later on, the reconstruction and restructuring of this fastidious fort was started by the ruler Karam Singh. It took 8 long years to give it the required shape during the reformation process. 58 feet wide moat is giving the fort the necessary protection. Covering 2100 meters of territory, the appealing fort, is surrounded and safeguarded by a 110 feet fortification as well. Make sure that you don’t visit the fort on Wednesday, as the spectacular Bahadurgarh fort remains closed on every Wednesday.

To remember the trip of the historical Patiala, don’t forget to purchase exclusive and very own items of Patiala like shoes and patandi.

How to reach Patiala: Besides Chandigarh, Ambala and Amritsar, Patiala is well connected to many more nearby destinations by bus. Railway station of Patiala is accessed regularly by innumerable trains from Amritsar, Ambala, Sri Ganganagar, Chandigarh, Hardwar, Dadar, Delhi and Batinda. Tourists who are traveling to Patiala from Kolkata, nevertheless, have to get down at Ambala before availing a train which is traveling to Patiala through the Ambala- Bhatinda railway track.

Where to stay at Patiala: Green’s Hotel, New Carrer Hotel, Standard Hotel, Baradari Palace Guest House and Civil Rest House.

Malerkotla: To witness the royal touch and excellence, there is no better place than Malerkotla. The sculptural panache and architectural sweetness of Malerkotla would surely make a mark in your mind.

The princely state of 18th century is exhibiting countless historical edifices, such as, Rehmatgarh fort, Mubarak Manzil, Maqbara and Shish Mahal. The stately shrine of Maqbara, the cutting-edge Belgium crystal table in the oldest Shish Mahal, astounding couch and mysterious royal secret chamber impress and enthrall one and all.

How to reach Malerkotla: Avail a bus or hire a car from Patiala to Malerkotla. It won’t take more than half an hour to reach Malerkotla from Patiala.

Where to stay at Malerkotla: Not many tourists stay at Malerkotla as not many options are there for staying overnight. The trip of Malerkotla, however, can be completed in few hours.

Sirhind: The Frontier of India or Sar-i- Hind is popularly known in the propinquity as Sirhind. On Ludhiana- Ambala railway track, about 59 km away from Ludhiana, Sirhind, was the capital of Sher Shah Suri.

It is one of the most prominent pilgrimage points in India both for the Muslim and Sikh communities. Primeval fort, consecrated mosque, plenty of Havelis, famous tomb of Mir Alam and Hallowed Gurdwara are the coveted and imposing destinations of Sirhind.

Two sons of Gobind Singh were put into their shrine alive on the premise of the fort in 1705 as they were unwilling to convert their religion from Sikhism to Islam. Their ages were only nine and seven. This is the sad story which is still recalled by all the Sikh spiritual people and tourists who assemble here.

How to reach Sirhind: Buses and trains connect Sirhind to Ludhiana and Ambala frequently. Tourists are often coming to Sirhind by train from Amritsar, Jammu, Delhi and Nangal as well.

Where to stay at Sirhind: For staying overnight at Sirhind, the Bougainvilla Tourist Complex of PTDC is the best option.

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