Sikkim - Rumtek Monastery


Rumtek Gumpha:

The prime monastery in the Eastern Himalaya, only 24 km from Gangtok, built by the Gyalwa Karmapa in strict accordance with the traditional designs of the monastery, situated at a height of 1550 meters, Rumtek is one of the richest monasteries in the whole world. The main monastery, built by 4th Chogial, doesn’t exist anymore but now a new monastery is there.

On the land gifted by Chogila, the saint Karma-pa had built the monastery which is a replica of Chhofuk Gumpha. The architecture of the monastery on the slopes of the valley and the ornamentations are eye-catching. VIP galleries, Butter lamp shade, Room of Karma-Pa, quiet and dark prayer room of Karma-Pa are the integral parts of the monastery which deserve a visit. The monastery is now the main office of Dharmachakra community. Karma Shri Nalanda Institution in Rumtek, built in 1960, depicts the strong cultural excellences of Buddhist. The institution is also famous for the festivals that take place regularly. The Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden, situated half a km away from the natural botanical garden, consists of temperate forest of Oaks and as many as 50 different kinds of trees species.

Martam Khola water garden, lies 4 km away from Rumtek, is a spot for picnic and outing lovers. Take a walk to the water garden through the cardamom field for a pleasant experience.

About 7 km from the city, is the new tourist spot in which Banjakri falls is nestled. City dwellers should take the pleasure in the magnificence of natural backdrop around the Paul Jurmang Kagyu Monastery or Lingdum Monastery.

Rumtek can be reached from Gangtok by road.

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