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Singtam, lies 29 km away from Gangtok, is a town in the East district of Sikkim. The natural beauty of Singtam is not less than any other town of Sikkim. The romantic hamlet offers a pleasurable and bird’s eye view of the mount Kanchenjunga. The River Tista at the east and Rangit River at the south are the boundaries of Singtam. Travelers can visit the place at the southern side of Sungtam where the River Tista meets the River Ranijhora.

Tourists can reach Singtam in 2 hours from Gangtok. Hotel Ratna, Hotel Shimma, and hotel Sangrilla are the notable hotels in Singtam. Share Jeeps are going to Rabangla and Peling from singtam.

Also known as Rabangla, this is a comparatively fresh tourist destination in south Sikkim. Situated at an elevation of 2040 meters, the petite picturesque semi settlement on the Gangtok-Gaysiling highway, Ravangla is becoming a hot and coveted destination for its spectacular landscape and serenity. Singtam is situated at a distance of 84 km away from Siliguri and Ravangla is 37 km away from Singtam. Ravangla is among one of the few places in Sikkim to offer an undisturbed view of the snow ranges of Greater Himalayas.

Temi tea garden, on the Ramchey-Ravangla way, situated at a distance of 10 km from Ramchey, looks like a green carpet on the uneven surface. At a distance of only 16 km from Ravangla, it is one of the most beautifully located tea garden of Sikkim. The only tea garden of Sikkim serves teas of world class quality. Interested people can ask for permission and experience the manufacturing procedures of the teas. You can drive to Ravangla and get pleasure from the panoramic view of Kanchenjunga on the way.

The gorge full of colorful flowers and snow clad mountains around, Ravangla is a must visit destination of Sikkim. Alley camp, about one and half km away from Ravangla, depicts the beautiful Daru architecture. If you want to collect something special from Ravangla, the carpets and items depicting Daru architecture will be good buys. You can collect these items from the Wednesday market. The surrounding natural beauty is really at its best if you see it from Chokhar ling or Rabang gumpha. The vista of Kanchenjunga amidst the dark shades of Oak, Magnolia, and Rhododendron is really astonishing for the trekkers who trek to Mainam peak, about 12 km away from Ravangla, at an altitude of 10, 300 feet. Don’t forget to take a guide alongside you. The sight of sunrise and sunset from the ridge and the colorful reflection of the sunlight on the valley are awe-inspiring. The placid Khayishnu monastery is a place away from the raucous life. It is believed that the meditating Buddha inside the monastery had created the astounding mountain Kanchenjunga with his never ending blessings and power. The local lepcha community worships Kanchenjunga as a Deity. People assemble on the valley for worshipping Kanchenjunga and the Buddhist music along with their dancing makes it a different place.

Mainam wild life sanctuary, covering an area of 35 km, is located about 12 km up from Ravangla which can be visited on foot. The designated wild life sanctuary has Black Fhejenut, Black eagle, Red Panda, Leopard cat and many more inhabitants.  A traditional meditation site for the monks called Gumpha, situated in the middle of the sanctuary, is also a vantage location for extravagant and spectacular view of the mountains at sunrise.

If you trek to ice-capped Bhaley Dunga, at a distance of one and half km from the Gumpha, then you will be able to witness the hill which looks like a head of a hen. The view of Kanchenjunga and Tista at the foothills are also nice and enjoyable. Mainam forest log hut is in ruins. It is always advisable to carry a tent and suitable foods along with you for a nice adventure on the beautiful green valley.

Village resort, Babumoshai resort, Mainam view, hotel silver fir, Hotel Rabangla, Hotel Siddhartha Cottage, and Hotel snow white are some of the notable hotels.

Damthang is situated at a distance of 14 km from Namchi. A trek to Tendong peak, about 9 km away from Damthang across the natural forest to watch the mounts of Himalayan range is a pleasing experience. Tendong peak (8500ft) offers a spectacular 360 degree view of Sikkim and the distant plains of North Bengal. Upraised horn, the view point, will give you a satisfying view of Pelling. Sunset and Sunrise, at the backdrop of Tendong make the peak even more beautiful. No hotels have yet come up here in Tendong. Audacious people can carry tents along with them for a night stay in Tendong peak.

Cha-chu or hot sulphur springs at Ralang and Borong are traditional winter spas where spending a week or more soaking in these springs that have medicinal properties is nice refreshment. Ralang monastery, built in1703 was in ruins but the Japanese aid of 10, 0000000 has helped to construct the monastery newly. Ralang Cha-chu can be reached after one hour downhill walk to the Rangit valley from the Ralang monastery.

For overnight stays temporary huts are available at nominal rates but all bedding and cooking utensils have to be carried along.
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