Tamil Nadu: Gingee


Gingee, also known as Chenji or Jinji in Tamil Nadu, is famous for its fort which is built long back in 13th century. The fort is well spread over a straggling area of 3 km, atop the three dotted hills of South Arcott district. You can hire a guide from the office of the archeological department to know the historical background of the beguiling fort. Gingee fort could be accessed from two different ways, one was located at the city of Puducherry and the other doorway to Gingee fort was at North Arcott. Innumerable striking architectural items of Gingee were shifted to Puducherry in 18th century by the French merchants.

Sen-Ji is another name of the city Gingee and the name is derived from the renowned deity of Gingee, Sen-Ji. The Rajagidi fort, built in 1200, about 1 km from the Gingee market, located at an elevation of 270 meters, is a foremost and prime attraction of Gingee. Uneven stairways and undulating hilly slopes will always accompany you on your way to the fort. Magazine, Gymnasium, Palace site, Audience hall, Horse Barn, Clock tower, Grain storage, Treasury, Granary, Elephant tank, Bhenu Gopalswami temple, Ranganath temple, 9 storied Kalyan mahal, Mosque of Sadatulla Khan, Bathroom, A gigantic war shooter and water well which are present within the fort compound will definitely fascinate tourists. The historical elegance on the architecture of the fort will also amuse the batch of holiday makers.

The road of Krishnagiri, at the opposite side of the bus stand, is much easier to access is quite attractive. The height of it is also not much but 2 temples, granary, audience hall and water wells on various hilly slopes of the Krishnagiri fort look marvelous. The three days long Mango festival, celebrated at the end of June, is an important carnival in the vicinity. Different types of mangoes which are brought from all over South India are traded in the festival.

The third fort, Chandreyagiri, is also situated in the close proximity but is in ruins now.

How to reach:
Gingee is a panchayat town in Viluppuram district (South Arcot district) in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. which is located on the Thindivanam to Thiruvannamalai road about 25 km from Thindivanam. Tandibhanam, located a distance
of 122 km from Chennai Tambaram, is connected by railways. Gingee is
just 28 km away from Tandibhanam and can be accessed by road. Hire a
rickshaw in Gingee to watch the striking forts of the locale in few

It is actually 150km from Chennai and 65 km from Puducherry (Pondycherry)
The nearest town with a railway station is Tindivanam and villupuram
The nearest airport is Chennai150km

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