Tamil Nadu: Kodaikanal


Located at an altitude of 2133 meters, at the hilltop of Palni, Kodaikanal, about 120 km
towards the north- west side of Madurai is a unique city with breathtaking landscapes. The
pleasant and mild weather of the mound attracts innumerable holiday makers throughout
the year. However, the best time to visit the place is during October- December. The chilly
and shivering winters show altogether a different sight of the captivating city. Carry normal
woolen clothes which are quite sufficient in summer season. The temperature of Kodaikalan
fluctuates between 11.3 to 19.8 degree Celsius in summers where as the quivering
temperature varies between 8.3 to 17.3 degree Celsius in winters. The average rain fall of
the city is 165 centimeters.

Nature lovers flock to the city, hidden in the dark and gloomy shades of towering
vegetations, for its majestic and salubrious climate. The compelling greeneries and winding
roads look marvelous and colorful to the travelers, especially when the city dwellers soak in
the moonlight. However, the city of Kodaikanal enjoys the heat of the sunlight for 12 hours
every day.

Banana, Oranges and Eucalyptus are the plants sprinkled around the riveting valley. Try to
understand the birds when they sing in a concert. More than 100 species of wandering birds
form their nests on the cozy branches of the towering trees.

The artificial Berijam Lake, spreading across 60 acres, is another foremost charm of the city
and looks like a star fish. The feral and wild hilly River was tamed by installing a dam and
hence the lake was formed. Ride on a boat to enjoy the fresh breeze and surrounding awe
inspiring places from any of the 3 boating points, formed at three different corners of the
magnificent lake.

Brayant Park, situated in front of the Christ the king church, has an assortments of known
and unknown flowers. The blooming flowers create a mind blowing natural exquisiteness
and prettiness during the month of May.

Engrossed and interested holiday makers should enjoy an enchanting horse ride around the
agreeable lake of the city.

The Kodai International School, situated at the eastern corridor of the lake, was specifically
built for the rich British children. However, now the students of the school are Indians.

The orchid lovers must visit the Sacred Heart College campus, about 6 km from the city, to
watch more than 350 species of colorful orchids and floras.

Kurinji Andavar, about 3.2 km off the city, houses the deity Karthika. The violet colored
Kurinji flowers are also there in the temple. These flowers flourish in every 12 years.

A museum and a zoo are there for the tourists at the north- east side of the city. A lot of
churches are also there in the close proximity.

The majestic silver cascade falls, about 8 km away from the city, is coming down with its
uncontrolled and fierce pace from an altitude of 180 feet. Fairy falls, Beer shoal falls and the
glen falls are the other stunning waterfalls of Kodaikanal. 120 meters tall pillar rock, about 7
km towards the southern side of the city, is another imperative allurement of Kodaikanal.

Prospect point, Bhembadi Shol peak, Dolphin’s nose (8 km), Kokaras walk and Perumal
peak are the other interests of Kodaikanal.

Take the pleasure in the bird’s eye view of the Bhaigai barrage from the green valley view
point. Moreover the Perumal peak offers an absorbing and enamoring view of the mount
peramal and its neighboring plains. Trekking lovers should climb up 22.6 km higher up to
Perumal hilltop, situated at an elevation of 7320 feet.

The Solar Physical Observatory which is unique of its kind is devoted into the research to
get to know the unknown and mysterious facts about Sun. Two innovative telescope houses
are built in the adjoining areas of Kurunji Andaman temple and Kokaras walk. Watch the
city of Kodai from a different perspective by the 12 inches long telescope.

A thermometer manufacturing factory is there as well. Interested and ardent tourists can
temporarily avail a membership to play golf in the golf club.

Tourists generally find themselves confined in the rooms after the sun sets into the
darkness. But, tourists who are deeply in love with the nature should at least once visit
Kodaikanal to watch the nature at its best. The prettiness and exquisiteness of the nature
will definitely free you from the worldly worries. Search the solace and comfort in the calm
and beguiling landscapes of Kodaikanal.

How to reach: Avail a train to Kodaikanal road railways station from Chennai Egmore or
Tiruchirapally or Madurai. The distance of the hillock is 80 km from the Kodaikanal railway
station. Frequently, people drive down to Kodai from Bengaluru and other cities of Soutth India. Driving conditions are good.

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