Tamil Nadu: Kotagiri



The oldest of all the cities of Nilgiri hills, Kotagiri, about 19 km away from Kunnur, is the captivating homeland of various tribes. Kotagiri had started producing tea and coffee in 1850. The quality of the Nilgiri tea is best in 30 tea gardens out of the innumerable tea estates of Kotagiri.

The building of the city was started long back in 1819 when John Sulivan had built his home in Kotagiri for the first time. Kotagiri attracts tourists for its wonderful and astonishing natural milieu. Kotagiri, covering a rambling terrain of 56 square km, amidst the calm and quiet environment, is located at an elevation of 1982 meters.

Kodanad view point, situated at an edge of the elevated Nilgiri hills, is a fabulous destination for the nature lovers where from holiday makers and mountain lovers can witness the wonder of the heavenly Nilgiri hills. The reflection of the sun light on the rolling rocks of Nilgiri hills can impress and enthrall everyone. The towering mountain is bathed in the first ray of the sun during sunrise. Don’t miss the vista of the Nilgiri hills from the Kodanad view point. Get up early in the morning to catch a local bus to the view point.

You can hire a private vehicle for a hassle free trip to St. Catharine Falls (8 km) and Elk Falls (8 km). Also visit the Rangaswami pillar and Rangaswami peak, situated on the lap of the fascinating nature.Kota temple is another pious destination for the spiritual crowd.

Plenty of tourists flock to the handicrafts centre of Kotagiri to purchase some adroit and agile craft items as well. Presently Kotagiri is popularly known as Kota Keri in the hinterland.

How to reach: Hire a car from Ooty, Kunnur or Coimbatore to Kotagiri. Regular bus services are also available to Kotagiri from Ooty which lies at a distance of 29 km from Kotagiri. It’s a one and half hours journey.

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