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Located at an altitude of 1858 meters, Kunnur, is a destination for the tourists and nature lovers who are in a quest of a place which will offer plenty of astonishments and amusements. The foggy Kunnur, situated amidst the awe inspiring natural surroundings, at the south-eastern side of Doddabetta hill, is a heaven for the holiday makers. Birds sing in concert in the darkness of the serene Kunnur. The fine-looking waterfalls of Kunnur come down with their feral streams and break the stillness and tranquility of the green valley of Kunnur.

Prolonged tea gardens of Kunnur are famous for producing high quality tea. Tea of Kunnur is exported to many countries and earns the deserving accolades. Tourists who visit Kunnur should buy masala tea from the markets of Kunnur. The quiet city looks amazing with its lingering green rug of tea gardens. Towering eucalyptus and soaring oak trees provides shades and shelter to a lot of inhabitants who afford a decent livelihood in Kunnur. The salubrious climate of Kunnur is a prime attraction for many.
The holiday makers can witness the splendor both in the lower and upper Kunnur. A number of tourists congregate in the vicinity of the lower Kunnur where the major places of the city like the bus stand, railway station and a famous market are situated.

Tourists who dials N for nature should visit the Botanical Garden which is covering 12 hectors of straggling territory. Botanical Garden, located in the splendid Simmos Park, was built way back in 1874 by G D Sim. The fragrance and charm of the assortment of roses would entice the tourists. 330 species of common and uncommon roses are dotted in the garden. Rare and atypical Rudraksha tree increases the attraction and appeal of the grove. You just have to spend 5 rupees to watch the magical garden.
The well spread Racecourse of Kunnur is located in the lower acclivity in the adjoining area of the Simmos Park. Devout tourists and temple lovers should witness the divinity of the Ranganath Swami temple, on the Kodaimalai hill. Pasteur Institute, situated at the opposite side of the Park, was built in 1907 and can be watched only on every Saturday during 10:30 to 11:15 am.

Hire a vehicle and start your voyage towards Mettupalayam to check out the orchard which is covering 16 acres of land, at an elevation of 1900 meters. The wonderful fruit garden was built in 1920. The heaving Lamb’s Rock, about 5 km away from the city of Kunnur and impressive Dolphin’s Nose, located at a distance of 9 km from Lamb’s Rock deserve a visit. The Dolphin’s Nose offers a panoramic view of the plains and untamed St. Catharine Falls. The finery of the well drawn out tea and coffee gardens, on the slopes of the Nilgiri hills, can be watched from the Lady Canning’s Seat. Loss Falls and Katteri falls are the other nearby attractions which are located about 5 km and 13 km away from Kunnur respectively.

Tipu Sultan Fort, about 13 km from the city, is in ruins. You have to walk last 3 km to reeach the fort.  Wallington, situated at a distance of 5 km from Kunnur towards Ooty, was built in 1852. It is the head office of the Chennai regiment.

The soaring and cascading hills of Ketti valley offer a bird’s eye view of the adjoining Coimbatore and Mysore. Located at a height of 2200 meters, built in 1949, the needle industry of Ketti manufactures world class needles. Grant the permission for experiencing the manufacturing process of needles from the General Manager. Ketti is renowned for producing Gelatin, Mushroom and eucalyptus oil as well.

Interested tourists who want to watch each and every interesting and riveting place of Kunnur have to hire an auto rickshaw. It would cost you 300 rupees approximately.

Another neighboring destination which would fascinate holiday makers is Mattupalayam, about 17 km and 51 km away from Kunnur and Ooty respectively. The swaying areca nut trees welcome tourists to Mettupalayam.

Trains start journey from the narrow gauge Mettupalayam railway station to Ooty. It is an expedition to remember. Trains go through 16 tunnels and 250 bridges. Try and take the tran hourney, its terrific! More details at the railways link given below, or the official railways site. Frequent bus services are available to Coimbatore and Kunnur from Mettupalayam as well.
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How to reach: Some of the tourists who prefer railways more than any other mode of transports, can catch a train from Mettupalayam or Ooty railway station to Kunnur which is 17 km and 34 km away from Ooty and Mettupalayam railway stations respectively. Frequent bus services are also available to Kunnur from Ooty. It’s a one hour journey to Kunnur from Ooty by bus.

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