Tamil Nadu: Tenkashi


Tenkashi is also well known as Kashi of South India. Thirukutranathar temple of Tenkashi
houses the deity, Vishwanath. The Gopuram of the temple will engross spiritual mass. The
adjoining Chitrasabha temple is an epitome of architectural flair and panache. Naraj Shiva is
residing in the sacred Chitrasabha temple.

Courtalam, the hillock, at the hilltop of Paschimghat hills, is located at a distance of 8 km
from Tinkashi railway station and pulls the crowd for its salubrious climate. The place is also
known as the “Spa of the South”. You will witness the enthralling and gratifying nature on
the way to Courtalam.

The cool water stream of the cascaded waterfall of Courtalam is coming down from a height
of 167 meters. The water of the waterfall has a curative power.

The place is also well known in the hinterland for its classy and elegant handicrafts and
mattresses. The wonderful natural backdrop of Courtalam will definitely fascinate and
amuse holiday makers.

The best time to visit the magical destination is during June- September. The temperature
of the health resort varies between 22 and 23 degree Celsius.

Papnasham or Agstya water fall, is another imperative enticement for the tourists. The
waterfall is located at a distance of 42 km from Thirunelvelly. Some people opine that the
stream of the waterfall has a divine power to forgive sins. The streams of Tamraparni River
(Papnasham waterfall) hit the ground from a height of 80 feet.

Interested tourists can hire a car and visit Mundanthurai Tiger Sanctuary, about 5 km from
the Papnasham water fall. The temple of the saint, Agsthya is also located adjacent to the
Mundanthurai Tiger Sanctuary.

How to reach: Tenkashi is connected to Chennai, Trichi and Madurai by railways. The city
can be accessed from Thirunelvelly (59 km) by bus as well.

Where to stay: Tourist Lodge, Thavamani Lodge, Venkateswar Lodge, Hotel Tamilnadu-
Courtalam-I, Forest Rest House, Tourist Bungalow, Pandian Lodge and Dalavoi House.
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