Tamil Nadu: Thirukkazhukundram or Pakhitirtham


Thirukkazhukundram, about of 49 km from Kanchipuram, is also known by the name Pakhitirtham. The Pakhitirtham temple, situated at an elevation of 160 meters, can be accessed by crossing 537 stairways. The prime deity of the temple is Shiva.

The divine power of the hallowed temple entices two kites every day. Two kites, Pusha and Prithibi, come and take prasadam. Arguably, two saints come in the temple in the form of the kites before they fly away to Rameshwaram.

The petite city, at the foothills, houses a lot of Shiva temples as well. Take a bath in the sacred pond and pray to the almighty to forgive sins. A lot of mythological stories are associated with the divine pond.

Enthusiasts can witness the wonderful sight of the fort in Chingelput. The fort resembles the structure of the fort of Jinji.

The fort of Chingelput, located on the way to Trichi, is connected by road from Chennai.

How to reach: Thirukazhundram, can be accessed by road both from Chennai and Trichy. For a hassle-free and relaxed journey to the spot, it is always sensible and wise to hire a car.

Where to stay: Thirukazhukundram has not yet come up with hotels. You should stay at Chennai if you have a plan to visit Thirukkazhundram.

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