Tamil Nadu: Tiruttani


The prime attraction of Tiruttani is its temple, atop the hills. Feel the divinity of the temple after climbing up 365 stairways. Each of these stair steps represents 365 days of a year. The fine arts and the decorations of the temple prove that a lot of thoughts were put into the planning of the temple. The chief deity of the temple is Murugan. Devotees believe that the deity, Karthik or Murugan, got married with Vhalli on the holy premise of the temple. Devotees and tourists assemble on the temple premise from faraway places, especially during the Karthigai ursav (festival) in December.

The former president of India, Sarbapalli Radhakrishnan, was born at Tiruttani.

Tirupati, the richest and sacred temple of India, houses the deity Balaji and is situated at a distance of 66 km towards the north of Tiruttani. But it is prudent to visit Tirupati from Chennai. Frequent bus and train services are available to Tirupati from Chennai which is located at a distance of 140 km from Tirupati.

Kanchipura, about 46 km towards the southern side of Tiruttani, is another important Hindu pilgrimage spot.

How to reach: Tiruttani railway station, about 86 km away from Chennai, can be accessed from Chennai by railways.

Where to stay: Tituttani, the small city, has not come up with hotels yet. It is wise to stay at Chennai. Visit Tiruttani and come back to Chennai on the same day.

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