Tamil Nadu: Vellore


Vellore, the district head quarter of north Arcot, houses a famous and historical fort which is located at a height of 220 meters. The architectures of the fort, built with the green granite stones, looks impressive. The fort was built by the king Chinna Bomma Reddy in 16th century. The fort is well shielded with two soaring walls and a water body. The fine looking Fort recollects the history of Indian independence.

The Kalyan Mandap is a striking monument which is situated in the northern corridor of the fort.  The fort will amuse you if you love to watch the old and astonishing Indian architectures. The Jalakantheshwar Shiva temple looks stylish for its great architectural flairs. The roof and carvings of the fort carry the engrossing memories of the Vijayanagar dynasty. 30 meters tall seven storied Gopuram is praiseworthy as well.

Witness and recall the reminiscences of the pre independent era and take a glimpse of the church and mausoleums of British soldiers at the right hand side of the main entrance of the fort. However, the impressiveness of the fort has diminished to some extent. Government offices and many more buildings are there in the rooms of the two storied fort. The museum of the fort can also be seen.

The prime attraction of the city of Vellore is CMC hospital. The CMC or the Christian Medical College Hospital was built by Dr Ida Schudder in 1900. The medical college and the hospital are famous for their scientific equipments and high end technologies. The hospital entices patients even from the remote corners of India for its impressive services and amenities. CMC has started with only a dispensary but now more than 3000 doctors are working hard to treat innumerable patients every day. More than 2000 patients get the treatment at the outdoor dispensary.

Take a walk. The nearby graveyard recalls the British history. The adjoining church definitely deserves a visit. The commemorative of Tipu Sultan’s second son who had died during his confinement in the fort, is another imperative attraction of Vellore. Pearl Palace, about 1 km from the city and the Government museum are the other sought after enticements of Vellore.

Enthusiasts who are fond of handicraft items can collect some handicraft items to remember the trip of Vellore.

The holy temple of Karthik in Vennamalai, can be accessed by road from Vellore. The sanctified temple is carved out of a single and distinct stone atop the hills. Devotees congregate on the temple premise and ask for the blessings from the deity, Karthik. Another foremost temple of Vellore is located at the foothills in Vennamalai.

Another temple of the deity Karthik is located in Ratnagiri, about 12 km from the city. Interested temple lovers can witness the spirituality of this finicky and holy temple, built in 14th century.

The hillock, Elagiri, situated at an elevation of 1000 meters on the Purbaghat hills, attracts tourists for its mild weather and enamoring sights. The dazzling lake of Elagiri, covering 57 square km of area and 15 feet tall fountain, nestled in the Lake are worth watching. The children’s park and mini zoo on the banks of the Lake are the other coveted destination of Elagiri. The feral Attaru River is coming downhill from a distance of 30 km and hitting the land with its brutal velocity. The adjoining Murugan temple of Elagiri is another hallowed place for the spiritual throng.

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