Tamil Nadu: Yercaud and Salem


Situated at an elevation of 1515 meters of Paschimghat hilly range, Yercaud, the secluded
diminutive city in the serenity, placed away from gripe and grime of the city, is hidden in
Coffee, orange and Eucalyptus trees. The word yer Means Lake and Kud means forest.
The mesmerizing hillock still has an impressive cosmos around. Lack of modern amenities
will help you to enjoy the calmness and quietness of the hill resort. Fine looking Lake,
Anna park, rose garden, ladies sit view point , sterling resort, other view points, gents sit,
children’s sit, telescope house, botanical garden, horticulture centre, pagoda view point,
rears cave, temple on sevaroy hill, ancient holy trinity church, orchid centre, nursery
of horticulture research centre and the retreat are the hot and coveted destinations of

Take a boat ride on the artificial lake of the small city. Nature lovers should
watch the Nama Killuyur falls which is coming down from an altitude of 300 meters. The
enamoring water fall is located at a distance of 3 km from the city. Sun plays hide and seek
in the adjoining places of the striking waterfall. The temperate weather is the charm of
the hillock. The temperature varies from 16 to 30 degree Celsius in summers where as in
winters the temperature varies from 13 to 25 degree Celsius.

Sanyasi Gundu stone is placed at the foothills and there is a cave at the lower elevation of
the stone where a Muslim saint lives.

You can always avail an auto for the city tour. But it is wise to hire a vehicle which will cost
you around 300 rupees.

Salem: Salem another nearby city is encircled by Sevarou and Nagarmalai in the north,
Jerumumalai in south, Godumalai in east and Kanjamalai hill in the west. The city is
established on the banks of the River Manimutheru. The old city is located at the eastern
banks of the river while a chain of shops are there at the opposite side of the old city.

Relics of a fort, Srishukabaneshwar or the Shiva temple, Mariyamman temple, Ramkrishna
Math, Juma mosque, Londin missionary society, Government museum, Planetarium in
Government engineering college and Salem steel plant are the attractive and sought after
tourists destinations of Salem. A special permission from PRO will allow you to watch the
steel plant.

Salem is famous for manufacturing woven textile items, Chains and anklet of gold and
silver. Tourists should visit the Tuesday market to gaze at a range of specially manufactured

Mettur dam (16 km long * 54 meters tall), one of the largest dams of the world, built on the
Kaveri River, has a huge reservoir which is covering 155 square km of area.

Interested holiday makers who want to enjoy the sight of the dam for some time can stay at
the circuit house, located adjacent to the Mmettur dam.

About 21 km from Salem, beyond the Kaveri River, at a distance of 48 km towards
the southern River bank, is a pilgrimage spot, Namakkal temple. Two cave temples,
Narasimhaswami and Ranganathswami, are carved out of hard hilly rocks.

The famous holy Vishnu temple and 20 feet tall hanu idol look attractive to the spiritual
throng. The fort of Tipu Sultan is located atop the Namakkal hill.

Sankhagiri fort of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultam, about 37 km towards the south-west side of
the city, on NH-47, is another primeval fort which is located at a height of 500 meters. The
top most position of the fort offers a fantastic bird’s eye view of Sevaroy hill and Kaveri
River. A number of hot springs in the close hinterland amuse holiday makers as well.

The Ardhanarishwar temple, atop the Tiruchengodu hills, about 45 km from Salem, houses a
sanctified idol which is a blend of the deities, Shiva and Kali (Kali is in the form of power).

The road to Yercaud from Salem offers fascinating sights of the startling nature. A number
of waterfalls can be seen on the way to Yercaud. The twisted roads touch the rocks of the
soaring hills. Coffee and rubber groves are dotted around the adjoining territories of the
slender road. The winding road looks just like a snake.

Salem is well connected to Yercaud and other main cities of south India both by railways
and by road.

How to reach: Salem is well connected by railways and roadways. Yercaud is
connected to Salem by road. Yercaud, the wonderful hill town, is located at a distance of 34
km from Salem. Check our transport links below for more information.

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