Uttar Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh have been home to many commotions, the latest being the struggle of a seperate Uttrakhand consisting of the hills of Kumaon and Garhwal. In November of year 2000, Uttrakhand was formed out of Uttar Pradesh, leaving Uttar Pradesh almost mountainless. It also doesn't have any coastline. Nevertheless, the attraction of UP still remains, primarily due to Haridwar and Rishikesh, and cities like Lucknow. It also serves as the gateway to most places of Uttarahand. UP also hold tremendous political importance in the Indian scenerio. The state has gifted quite a few prime ministers and political honchos to the country. 

The greatest attraction of UP is however, the Taj Mahal, situated in Agra. Every year, millions flock to the Taj to witness its eternal beauty. To know more about the Taj, Click here.

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The best time to travel this state is from October to March. However, the hilly areas can be visited in the summer months too.


Allahabad    Vindhyachal    Varanasi or Kasi    Sarnath    Ayodhya    Naimisharanya and Misrikh    Vindravan - Lord Krishna's Abode
Shakambari Teerth    Agra and Taj Mahal    Fatehpur Sikri    Mathura    Gokul in Vindravan    Sankassa and Kanauj    KushiNagar    Kapilavastu and Lumbini    Gorakhpur    Srabasti    Dudhwa National Park and Tiger Reserve   Chunar