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Allahabad is also known as Prayag or Triveni, as it is the place where three ancient rivers meet: the Ganges, The Yamuna and the Swaraswati. The Swaraswati cannot be seen now, and it is said that it flows underground.
Every 12 years, the place hosts the
Kumbh Mela, while every 6 years, there may be a half Kumbh mela. You will find details on Kumbh mela at TheHolidaySpot.com’s Kumbh Mela Section.

Allahabad is ann ancient city and it is mentioned as Baranabat in scriptures over 4,000 years old. It is said Lord Brahma performed Prakrishta Yajna here. This place was actually known as ILBAS. Later, Shahjehan and even later the British named it Illahabad. The Gandhi family, and the Bachhan family has come from this city.

In summers temperatures range from 42 degrees to 26 degrees, while the winters see 29 degrees to as low as 9 degrees Celsius.

The Prayag is the chief destination of Allahabad, and is about 8 kilometers from the rail station. The river is about 2 kilometers wide. The two rivers, Ganga and Yamuna has distinct colors, the Ganga having muddy water, while the Yamuna having bluish clearer water. Bith the sunrise and sunsets are a feast for the eyes.

Every year in Jan Feb, there is a fair here. In Kumbh time, these fairs turn into Kumbh melas. A purn Kumbh is attended by more than 1.5 crores of pilgrims. There has been quite a few stampedes too, killing hundreds of people.
The whole place transforms into make shift arrangements in the time of Kumbh melas.

Akbar’s Fort: In 1583, Akbar built a strong fort here, realizing the place’s stretegical importance. It has four sections or Mahals, one for the Emperor, one for his queens, one for his relatives and friends and one for the soldiers. It had 3 doors too. There used to be 5 wells too. The fortress went in the hand of Marathas, and later in the hand of Pathans and still later in the hands of British. The British sealed the two Yamuna facing doors after it renovated the place. The place is not in a very good shape now, and most of it is in ruins.

Opposite to the entrance of the fort is the Ashoka Pillar. It was built in 242 B.C. One can still make out the inscriptions made on the piller.

Khusru Bag: Shah Jahan killed his own elder brother Khausru to claim the throne in 1615. His grave is here, along with the graves of Rajput mother and two sisters. The mausoleum is well decorated in Parsi poems and pictures.

Ananda Bhawan: The residence of the Nehrus, it has been now turned into thei family museum. Almost all tourists to Allahabad visit this place.

Allahabad High Court: though the capital is Kanpur, yet the High Court has stayed here. Its architecture is notable.

Bharadwaj Ashram: The Allahabad university is located here. It has been renovated with the help of the Birlas. You will find idols of Bharadwaj Muni and of Gods and Goddesses too.

Alfred Park: Covering 188 aceres of land, it is loved by the entire city. Chandra Sekhar Azad commited suicide in this park to escape capture from the British. The Bharat Tirtha has been built here in his memory. The park is also called Chandra Shekar Azad Park now. Dog shows, flower shows and different sports events are also held here, especially in the winters. The Koushambu Museum, the Mayo hall, Roman catholic cathedral and the public library, are all in the viscinity. The Allahabad museum is also noteworthy.

On the north of Alfred lies municipal museum,and opposite lies Panth Bal Udyan, which is heaven for kids, with display of kids merchandize.

The Nag Basuki mandir on the north of railway bridge, Manakameshwar Shiv mandir, the Minto park are also among tourist destination here.

Patalpuri Temple is said to have parts of the ancient Akshay Bat, the fabled tree. It is situated in the river bank. Beware of the priests though.

Dussera is celebrated with great fanfare in Allahabad. Another attraction is the Ganga Water Rally in February March, organized by the UP Tourism. It is attended by national and international participants.

VITA: About 17 kilometers off the city, the ancient township of Vita  has been unearthed. The age is estimated to be 2 to 5 centuries B.C. It was inhabited by Mauryas, Kushanas and Guptas. A museum has also been set up with the artifacts found here.

Jhusi: 9 kilometers from the city, known as Pratisthanpur in ancient times is now known as Jhusi. The place was built way back in the Chandra and Gupta age. There is also a well bearing Samudra Gupta’s name. At present, it is dominated by hermits.

Garoa: About 50 kilometers from the city towards Jabbalpur is Garoa, where you will find a temple complex built by Chandra Gupta –II . You have to walk for the last 3 kilometers. It is a beautiful place, with the temples bearing ornate carvings. Each temple has 16 pillers each. Deities of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are still intact. Should try and make a visit.

Kaushambi : 57 kilometers south of Allahabad is Kaushambi, a place rich in memoirs of Buddhism. In ancient times, it was known as Kausham, and most of the monuments of the ancient civilization are in ruins now. 3 kms from the bus stand is the Asoka pillar place, where there used to be a six sq kilometers fortress. Its moat was fed by water of the Yamuna. Some of it has been recovered by the ASI, and is displayed at the Allahabad museum. It is said that the Pandavas had stayed at this place for some time, when their homeland was in floods. Buddha had also given sermons here. Asoka the great had built two pillars here. One of them has been transferred to Allahabad fort, and the one in ruins still stands. A kilometer off, a Digambar Jain temple has been built. The transportation system is not satisfactory; neither are there any good places to stay here. One should do the trip here from Allahabad on hired cars.

How to reach: Allahabad falls in the Howrah Delhi route and one of Howrah Mumbai route. It is also frequented by many trains. It can also be easily reached from Varanasi and Mugalsarai which are important stations. IT IS ALSO WELL CONNECTED BY Bus routes. Refer to our transport links at the bottom of the page to draw your itenery.

Where to stay: Allahabad has no dearth of hotels, but it has no dearth of hostile brokers either. Refer to our hotel booking links below for options and online bookings.

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