Uttar Pradesh: Chunar



Chunar is known for its fort. The exact builder of this fort is not confirmed, but it is assumed that Maharaja Vikramaditya has built this fort in 12th century.

Over the ages, Chunar had been the favorite of many rulers. Harshabardhan had also patronized the lace. Later, Sahadev, the king of Kanauj, had conquered Chunar. Since he had defeated 52 kings for a beauty, he had built a 52 pillared palace called sonatoa palace. The basement of the palace had prisons, hanging platform, rooms, and a big well.  It is important from the archeological point of view too, owing to the large number of ancient artifacts recovered from the place.
On later dates, Prithviraj Chauhan had repaired the fort. Later, Md. Ghori had assumed control, defeating him.
Sher Shah Suri and then Akbar had also become captains of the fort. Later, Balwant Raj, King of Varanasi was the one who had control over the place. And still later, it caught the fancy of the British, and they took control after winning the Buxa war.
At present, there is a BSF training ground inside the fort.

The terrace of the fort offers a very pleasant view of the Ganges below, the Chunar city on the backdrop, the Vishnu temple on a hillock at a distance of a kilometer, the Durga Mandir at a distance of 3 kilometers , and the Kali mandir, The Hazrat Suleiman Mazhar, and the dam.

The drinking water of Chunar is said to have medicinal properties, and the place is believed to be a healthy place to live in.

Mirzapur: Situated on the Banks of the Ganges, it was known for its cotton and grain trading market. Now it is known for its sandstones, carpets, and brasswares. It is a healthy place too. One can see the array of Ghats at the Ganges here. It is at a distance of 42 kilometers from Chunar.

How to Reach: Chunar is a 40 minutes ride from Vindyachal. It is also connected to Mughalsarai and Allahabad by rail and road. One can do a day trip from Allahabad completing Vindyachal and Chunar and back to Allahabad on the same day in a hired car. Just start very early in the morning.

Where to stay: There are a couple of hotels in Chunar. But few stay there and most cover it from Allahabad. Check our hotel booking links below for options.

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