Uttar Pradesh: Kapilavastu and Lumbini


Kapilavastu and Lumbini:

It was the capital of the Shakyas. Siddharth, (prince Buddha), spent his youth here, before he set on to become Buddha. It is here that he was deeply saddened by diseases and death. He started his journey in search of truth from here. Archeologists have got several artifacts related to Buddha.

One can also travel to Lumbini, in Nepal, where Buddha was born. It is a renowned heritage site by the UNESCO. Just catch a bus from Gorahpur to Sonauli border, and then to Lumbini via Bhairawa
The total distance is about 116 kilometers.

Asoka the Great had made a pillar on which it is written that Buddha was born here. There is also Punya pukur, Maya devi temple, ruins of a monastery of the Mauryan age, Buddha temple, Tibetan monastery, International peace flame and a white elephant carved out of white marble.
There are Dharamshalas and guest houses to stay, but few stay back.

How to reach: It can be reached from Gorakhpur, Lucknow or Varanasi.

Where to Stay: Rahi Guest House of UPTDC.


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