Uttar Pradesh: Naimisharanya and Misrikh


Naimisharanya and Misrikh:

Naimisharanya is also known as Nimsar and is home to a number of legends. Naimisharanya is said to be the best pilgrimage place in Bamana Purana.

The prime tourist/hindu pilgrim destinations here are:
Lalita Devi Mandir: It is a temple of Shakti Mata, who appeared in the form of Laita Devi to help the devas and kill the asuras.

The Gomoti river: It is believed that bathing here is good karma.

The Fortress: The riuns of King Virat 's huge fort is still a treat to the eyes.

Enroute to the fort is the pancha pandav cave, where the pandavas had spent some time during their vanabas. There are deities of the Pancha Pandava and Lord Krishna.

A bit far off is the Hanumangari, where there is a huge statue of Lord Hanuman, with Ram and Laxman perched on each of his shoulder. He is visible from waist onwards. His legs are inside a deep well. It is said that the well was buillt by the pandavas.

There is the vyas gaddi too, where there is a vyasa temple. It is said that sage Vyasa imparted Veda training to his deciples here.

Other attractions are the 1000 lingam shiva temple, Mata Anandamayee's Ashram, Paramhansa Matha, known for Chaitanya Maha Prabhu, Swaraswati Ashram, Purana Mandir and Balaji temple which had Dravidian architecture.

Misrikh is situated 9 kilometers away. It said that all the Gods poured water from their containers to create the Kund, and hence it got the name Misrita (the mixed one), which later became Misrikh. It is here that Sage Dadhichi sacrified his life to donate his bones, as only his bones could be used to create a specia weapon. Lord Indra used his bones to create a specia Vajra to kill an Asura called Vritasur. The Kund (lake) is also called Dadhichi Kund, and a temple has also been built to honor the sage.

How to reach: It takes only about 2.5 hours from Lucknow. Start early from Lucknow, complete the trip and return to Lucknow by the end of the day.

Where to stay: There are no notable place to stay here, except of UP tourism's Chakranath Tourist Bungaow. Stay at Lucknow and do your trip. check our hotel booking links below to book a hotel.

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