Uttar Pradesh: Sankassa and Kanauj


Sankassa (also Sankasia, Satkasya, Sankissa and Sankasya) was an ancient city in India. It is a buddhist pilgrim. There is a Stupa too, and it is said that Buddha rested here after he returned from heaven at Sankassa.

To visit this place, you will have to stay at Shikohabad. Shikohabad is connected by railways, chec our transport links for itinerary. UPSTDC's Rahi tourist Bingalow.

Kanauj: It is about 45 Kilometers from Sankassa and 84 kilometers from Kanpur. It was the capital of King Harshavardhan. Later Tomars and Rathods ruled over Kanauj. Mamud of Gazni looted and destroyed Kanauj. From the Rathods, it went into the hand of the slave king Kutub UD Din Aibak in 1198. Humayun was defested in 1540 here in Kanauj.
While you are there, check out the Archeological museum. The place is also famous for Itar, the perfumes manufactured by Muslims.
There is also the Juma Mosque, which has been built over a Hindu Mosque.

It is well connected by trains from Kanpur.

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