Uttar Pradesh: Shakambari Teerth



Meerat doesnot feature in the travel destination for most. It was at Meerat where the First war of Independence began.  It is more known today for its production of equipments for the game of cricket, the most popular sport in India. Around 80% of all cricket equipments of the world are manufactured in Meerat. If one is there, then he can check out the memorial of the martyrs of the war of Independence. One should also check out the Bileshwar temple, Jumma masjid, Suraj Kunda, and maqburas of Pir saheb and Abu.

Gaziabad: It is close to Delhi ( 22ms), and Meerat is en route to Gaziabad. Gaziabad is a Industrial zone, and donot hold any place for tourist destination.

GarMukteshwar: around 68 kms from Gaziabad is Garh Mukteshwar. It is known for its collection of temples on the western bank of the Ganga. It is believed that Mata Ganges appeared before King Santanu for the first time here. Pilgrims flock in the months of October and November Full moon to take holy bath here.

Roorki: India's first canal town, it is known for its Engineering colleges.

Saharanpur: Known for its intricate embroidered Brasswares, Saharanpur is Gateway to Shakambari Tirtha ( Teerth )

Shakambari Mata: On the foothills of Shivalik mountains, is the temple of Shakambari Devi. The location is picturesque. Mountain streams are flowing by. Shakambari Tirtha is also known as Trishula teerth. It is possibly the most important of the 51 pithas, as the head of Sati had fallen here.

The place sees lakhs of footfalls during Shukla Tirtha of Aswin month. Pilgrims also abound in Shukla Chaturdasi of Chaitra month and the Holi Purnima. All these periods see fairs being happening at the place.

The present place had been built by Rana Saheb of Shakambari, in 1515. The temple sits with the picturesque natural beauty in the backdrop. The deity is blueish in color. There are other deities too, like Devi Mahamaya and Devi Sitala. The main deity Shakambari is Devi Durga.

The entire place is also known as Vir khet. There is Chinnamasta temple too, on top of a nearby hillock. There is also a Shiva mandir en route.

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