Uttar Pradesh: Srabasti or Shravasti or Sravasti


Srabasti, also spelled as
Shravasti or Sravasti, is one of the 8 Buddhist pilgrimage destination. It was the capital of Kaushal raj. In ancient times it was known as Saheth and Maheth. On the banks of Achirabati river, is Maheth. One can see the earthen dam, 2 stupas and a temple. 500 meters apart is Saheth, where you can visit Jetvan Bihar.

There used to be two pillars on its eastern entrance, built by Asoka, but they are in ruins now. It is a site of archeological importance, as artifacts from the age of Kushans and Guptas have been found. Buddha spent 24 monsoons here. Kaushalraj Prasenjit was a non believer, but Buddha showed him the Universe in super consciousness here, which turned him into a believer. Buddha conquered the world with his teachings, and the process started from here. The Buddhists of China and Burma have built Buddha temples here. The AnandBodhiBrikha, a holy tree, planted by one of the five disciples of Buddha is also here.

It is to be noted that the Jain Tirthankar, Mahavira, had come multiple times to Srabasti. The Sambhavnath temple has also been built on the birth place of Tirthanar Sambhavnath. Hence, Srabasti is a Jain pilgrim center too.

How to reach: Get down at Balarampur railway station in Gorakhpur – Gonda route. Srabasti is 29 kilometers from here, and there are connecting buses. The nearnest railway station is Gainjahwa. Lucknow is the nearest airport. Buses are available from Lucknow. There are quite a few trains from Gorakhpur as well. Refer to our transport links for more details.

Where to Stay: Rahi guest house of UPTDC and rest houses and Dharmashalas of temple authorities. Refer to our hotel booking links below, or UPTDC's website.



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