Uttar Pradesh: Vindhyachal



Vindyachal is at a distance of 2 hours of train ride from Allahabad.  It is about 83 kilometers from Allahabad and 86 kilometers from Varanasi. It is connected by buses too, from both these places.

Vindhyachal is a Hindu pilgrimage point, and is mentioned many times in ancient Hindu scriptures.

The chief attraction is the Mahadevi Vindhya Basini Sri Mandir. The Sherawai matadi is depicted here as a 16 year old girl. Mahakali,Maha Laxmi and Maha Swaraswati temples also surround the main temple. The temple compound is always crowded, and the middle men priests are always game to extract money from the devotees by one way or the other. Devotees throng the temples in special times like Navratri.

Take the stone laid pathway of three kilometers and climb up 89 stairs to reach Yogmaya Mahadevi Austabhuja temple. An alternative way exists too, from Dak bungalow. The deity has been carved out in a wall.

Closeby in the right is sita kund. It is said that Laxman created sitakund to satiate the thirst of Sita devi. To commemorate the occasion, a ram site laxman temple and a durga temple has been built here. You can also quench your tirst from the holy sitakund.
Take the 48 steps from sitakund to reach another hillock where there is another austabhuja temple. It is actually a cave, where the deity has been carved out in the cave wall. The entrance is quite cramped.

Another cave temple exists just beside, which is much smaller and is quite cramped. It is not advised for claustrophobic persons, and the max persons it can accommodate at a time are 4 people. The deity is Patal Kali.

One should also visit the temple of Maha Laxmi, Maha Swaraswati, Batuk Vairab Shiva, Brahma Kunda, Agastya Kunda, Gerua talao, Motis talao, Kongtet Sharif, and other temples on Vindyachal. It is also a Pith, where Sati’s left toe had fallen.

The best time to visit this places are the months of October through March.

How to reach: It can be reached by road from Allahabad and Varanasi.

Where to stay: Pwd Dak Bungalow, Birla Guest house, Jaipuria guest house and other Dharamshalas. Check our hotel booking links below for options and pictures.

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