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Mukteshwar is a lovely hamlet nestled in the hills near Nainital, ideal for a day's stay. You can also see it and come back the same day if you want to, but the journey will have no meaning then. It is meant for people who like to stay away from maddening crowds, and to enjoy the solititude. There are no proper amenities or artificial tourist spots here, just pure nature, with sparse population.

Mukteshwar means the mouth of Lord Shiva, and it hosts an over a 100 year old, unsung temple of Lord Shiva. The calmness, cleanliness and solicitude of Mukteshwar is going to hit you first. Do not go to Mukteshwar if you are not in absolute love with nature. In the Chitra month, the place has a festival of flowers, when there is a riot of colors. The Indian Vetenery Research Institute (IVRI) is also here. Mukteshwar offers a 180 degrees view of the range comprising Nanda devi, Nandgunti, Trishul, Panchchuli and Nepal Himalayas along with Indian side of Himalayas, on a clear day. There is heavy snowfall in the winter months.

The chauth Jali view point, the prime attraction, will steal your heart, especially the sunsets. The valley opens up to this view point.

Varied activities like mountaineering, night safaris, and nature walks are possible here. One has to contact the hotel where they are staying.

How to reach: It can be reached by road from Nainital in 2.5 hours.

Where to stay: There are a few good places to stay. Refer to the hotel booking link at the botom of the page.

Nature walk in Mukteshwar           Nature walk in Mukteshwar

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