Uttarakhand: Mussoorie - Queen of the Hills


Mussoorie stands as a weekend destination from Delhi, and is situated at a distance of 290 kilometers from NCR. It is only 34 kilometers from Dehradun. If you are not travelling by a car, then Dehradun will serve as the entry point to this mesmerizing hill station. It will take a maximum of one and half hours from Dehradun.

The journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie is beautiful. You get to experience the Doon valley first, and then enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills. The climate will also change noticeably, as you go up. En route, you can visit the Prakasheshwar Shiva temple, which also serves as a rest and tea break.

Mall Road: The beauty of the Mussoorie Mall road is that it has no steepness, and is like a road at the plains. Its western end is at the Clouds End while the Eastern end is at Rockville. However, the best part of the Mall is between Gandhi Chowk (Library Bazaar) to Clock Tower (Landor Bazaar).
There is a Tibetan market below the Mall, where you can shop for woolen clothes.

The town provides for a fantastic nature walk starting from Picture Palace of Mall road via the Camel's back road to the Library road and Gandhi gate. You can cover the entire hill station on foot in about 5 hours of leisurely walking. You can also enjoy pony rides for the tour. The Camel's back road got its name from an adjoining mount that is shapes exactly like a camel's back.

Take the ropeway to gun hill, and you can check out the snow clad Himalayas at a close distance, while sipping on warm coffee. There is a small keepsake market on the Gunhill too. You can also see the Mussoorie town and Doon valley from the hilltop. The Industrious can climb the hill on foot.

The other attraction of Mussoorie is the Kempti falls. Located at a distance of 14 kilometers, it is at a height of 1372 meters. The water falls from a height of a few thousand feet. The flow however, is less than desired, except in the monsoon months. There is an amusement park, ropeway and a market, all for tourists.

Happy Valley: It is a Tibetan refugee settlement, 3 kilometers from Library, near convent hill. Taste Tibetan food, check out the Chortens and Gunphas, and buy Tibetan antiques here.

Lal Tibba: About 5 kilometers from tourist office is Lal Tibba, the highest point of Mussoorie (2610 meters). It provides for the bast viewpoint in the region, with about 180 degrees view of the majestic Himalayas. Nearby is Childer's lodge at Landour's  peak, from where you can view the Himalayas through telescope and binoculars.

Mossi Falls: 6 kilometers from Mall, you can walk down or take a car with packed lunch and have a great time at this waterfall.

Bhatta falls: 9 kilometers from Mussoorie, it is another picnic point. Carry packed food for the best experience.

Municipal Park: A newly created tourist attraction, it is about 4 kilometers by car and 2 kilometers on foot or on pony. It has an artificial lake too, with facilities for boating. It is another favorite picnic point.

Benog Hill: 8 kilometers afar, you can trek to it, for a panoramic view of the Himalayas. Also check out the Jwalaji temple.

Jharipani waterfalls: About 8.5 kilometers afar, the last 1.5 kilometers needs to be covered on foot. While returning, take the Kurt Mackenzie road and check out the Nag Devta temple. Mussoorie can be clearly viewed from this temple.

Mussoorie Jheel: A lake that is situated at a distance of 6 kilometers from Mussoorie. Descend a 100 stairs to reach the lake. You can also choose to do boating. Benog hill is 3 kilometers from here.

Lake Mist: About 5 kilometers before the Keppty falls, and fed by the Kempty falls, it is a wonderful picnic spot, and has many small falls as well. Nature is also beautiful. A must visit. You can also choose to boat.

Dhanaulti : Touted as the best place of Mussoorie, it is at a distance of 25 kilometers from Mussoorie at a height of 2286 meters. Nature is pure here, and you would like to soak in the quietness of the place, to relieve you of all your tensions. View the ranges of Himalayas, check out the sunsets, and wander aimlessly. Listen to the incessant chatter of birds.  It is advised that you should spend atleast one night at Dhanaulti to enjoy this wonderful hamlet of nature
7 kilometers from Dhanaulti, of which 2 kilometers is steep climb on foot, is Surakhanda Devi (Durga) temple, on a hill top at a height of 3049 meters. Views are awesome.
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How to reach: Dehradun is the nearest railhead and airport. It takes only about 1 hour 30 minutes from Dehradun. You can also take a bus from Delhi.

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