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Nainital is situated at a height of 1938 meters. It is possibly the biggest and offers the most variety among all other townships of the Kumaoun range. The city is built around a tal or lake. And it is this landscape that has made Nainital very very attractive to its visitors, who frequently make repeated visits. The lake acts as a giant reflection surface to the sunlit mountains in the backdrop. Poplar and Deodar trees dot the entire area, including the Mal. The summers are very pleasant here, with temperatures ranging from 26 degrees to 10 degrees. The winter temperatures however, don’t go higher than 16 degrees, and minimum can go below zero degrees.

P Barron had given birth to Nainital city way back in 1842. But the natural disaster in 1880 played havoc and destroyed all old establishments. A part of the mountain collapsed and formed the ‘Flats’ as known today. 2/3 rd of the lake was also gone. About 151 people were buried at assembly hall.
Now the flats have become a tourist entertainment area. It houses markets, offices, hotels, exhibition ground, children’s park, skating, play ground, and entry to the famous rope way to snow view point.

The ropeway is 700 meters long, and takes you to a height of 2287 meters at snow view point, the point that offers you breath taking views of the Himalayas.

The Mal road is 1.5 kms longs and offers a very pleasant walk. On one end of the Mal is Talital, and on the other end is Malital. You can also take rickshaws and enjoy the ride.
The lake also offers boating and yachting. If you are at Nainital, then you would not like to miss the sunsets at the lake.

On the northen side of the lake is the NainaMata Lal mandir. Shiv mandir, Krishna temple and Hanuman temple also lies nearby.
A gurudwara , a mosque and St. John’s church is at a stone’s throw away from the temples.

The Astronomical Observatory is about 4 kilometers away, towards Kathgodam, from where you can check out far off landscapes. It will be a memorable experience. The Hanumangari will fall en route with also offers views of the Majestic Himapayas. It is also known for its sunset views.
A kilometer away from Malital is the botanical garden, that can be easily traversed on foot. A must watch is the zoo, which is 1.5 kms away, at a height of 2075 meters. Its closed on Mondays, and you can take shuttle cars to the place.

The seven peaks that surround the lake are Naina peak, Alma, Sher ka Danda, Lariya Kanta, Ayar Patta, handi bundi and Deo patta (camels back). They provide the most beautiful backdrop to the lake.

You can go up to Naina peak for wonderful views of the Himalayas. The path starts from flats, and you can take a pony or horse too. The distance is about 5.6 kms. The sunrise from this peak is heavenly. To catch the perfect sunrise, you can also stay for a night there, at Log huts. There are temples too, here. It was earlier known as China peak. It is quite windy here and is considerably colder than the flats.

Laria Kanta: Another peak that you can go up to for views, but Naina offers better views, and it makes no real sense, other than for adventure to go up here.

Snow view: This is the best possible view point of this region, and should not be missed at any cost. Its about 2.5 kilometers from the city, at a height of 2287 meters. You can walk down, or take a pony, or even better, you can take the ropeway from Mali tal. There is also a tourist bungalow at snow view point for those who are interested to stay here.

Tiffin Top: Another view point, but Laria Kanta, Naina and Snow view point offers better views that this point. Never the less, you can always pay a visit.

Lands End: It is a point over 4 kilometers off the city, where the mountains ends into rough, descending landscape to the plains. One can also see the Khurpatal lake at a distance below. The lake looks like a small pond from here.

Bhimtal and Naukuchia Tal: Bhimtal is the biggest lake of Nainital and is situated 22kms off nainital. It is situated amongst splendid natural beauty. The lake waters are emerald green. Aquariums have been built in the islands of the lake, which can be accessed in boats. The lake water is warm. The nights are more attractive here, and night stay is recommended though not necessary. One can hire a package tour taxi from Nainital for Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal and Bhaoli, all withon 700rs. Though rates are subject to season.
Naukuchiatal is only 4 kilometers from Bhimtal.
Bhowali is 12 kilometers off Nainital,and has a well known market and a TB Sanatorium. The fruit market is also an attraction of this place. Few, however, get down at this place.

Khurpatal: 10 kilometers away is Khurpatal lake, which is famous for angling (fishing). However, you will need permission from the DM’s office to practice angling here.

SatTal: About 21 kilometers from Nainital, and 5 kilometers from Bhimtal are the Sat tals, or the seven lakes. However, two of the lakes have dried down. You can do boating here. The trekkers can go for a forest walk, while the tourists can visit the suicide rock. There are a few places to stay here too.

Ramgarh: Ramgarh falls en route to Mukteshwar, a quiet hill station. Ramgarh is famous for its orchards of Apple, Palm, Peach and Apricots. The Rododronden flowers also abound here on season. The Noble Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore immensely liked this place.

How to reach: Nainital is well connected by road from Delhi and adjoining areas of Kumaoun and Agra as well. Panthanagar at a distance of 72 kilometers is the nearest airport. One can also go by railways and the nearest railhead is Kathgodam, from where Nainital is easily reached.

Where to Stay: There are no dearth of hotels in Nainital. However, there are no upper limits to hotel fares in season time. Season times are from 1st May to 15 June, From 15th September to  15th November, and from 25th December to 2nd January. If you are going in off season, you can go without bookings are bargain. However,  if you are going in season, it is better to book and go. Try our hotel booking link at the bottom of this page to find out about rates and to book online.

Chouli Ke Jaal       Leopard at Nainital Zoo      Naina Devi Temple

   Cjouli ki jaal                          Leopard at Nainital zoo            Naina Devi Temple

Nainital Bus Stand      Nainital Lake      Tiger at Nainital zop

   Nainital Bus Stand                     Nainital Lake                       Tiger at Nainital zoo

Temple at Nainital

  Temple at Nainital

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