Uttarakhand: Devaprayag, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Nandaprayag and Vishnuprayag. Chandrabadani & Chandrapuri


Pancha Prayag: Devaprayag, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Nandaprayag and Vishnuprayag

Whether by bus, or by your car, start at 4am from Rishikesh. It will be dark at that time, and so you might need to carry a flashlight. 69 kilometers from Rishikesh is Devaprayag. Hindus believe that a bath here is holy, but waters can be pretty cold, and taking a bath may be a daunting task. Elevation is 518 meters. Check out the Raghunath Ji temple here. There is a natural stream here too. On top of the hill, there is a bungalow: Ramkund Resort (Phone: 01378 – 266391)
There are other basic hotels and Dharamshalas too.

Take a jeep from Devaprayag to Chandrabadani, at a distance of 27 kilometers, and at a height of 2756 meters. It is a premier Hindu pilgrimage point, with temples of different deities, the main diety being Shilamaye, or Shakti. It is surrounded in three sides by snow covered mountains, views are great. A festival is held here every April, which sees pilgrims flock here from near and far.

33 kilometers from Devaprayag, at a height of 579 meters is SriNagar (Not the Sri Nagar of Kashmir). In olden times, human sacrifices used to be made from the sixantra stone. The practice was stopped by Shakarachariya in 8th century, and he threw the rock in the waters of river Alakananda. The name Sri nagar originated from the Srixantra stone. Today,it is a large town of the region.

Here, you will find the Garhwal university, Kamaleshwar and Kalyaneshwar temples, Keshab Rai temple, Keshorai matha, Shakaracharita ashram and other temples.

60 kilometers from Srinagar is Tehri. Tehri is 65 kilometers from Devaprayag. It is famous for its dam in Bhagirathi river. It is a beautiful city with great scenic beauty. If you are staying there for a day, then visit the Sun temple at a distance of 39 kilometers.


It is the district capital, made famous for the most important sangam, and by Jim Corbett's writings. Here, the Mandakini river meets the Alakananda. At the sangam or meeting point, nature is beautiful.you need to sit quietly, and soak in the serene ambience. There are temples of Shiva, Jagadamba and Annapurna here. It is situated at a distance of 35 kilometers from Srinagar, at a height of 610 meters.
Trek for an hour, or take a bus of Chopra to get down at Koteshwar, at a distance of 5 kilometers. Here you will find the cave temples. Descend about a 100 stairs in the mountains, amongst lush greenery and forests to reach the temple of Koteshwar Shiva. Descend more from the temple where an unique scene awaits you. The water seeping through the mountains have carved out a crore of shivlings here, which christens the place Koteshwar – a crore of Shivas. The rocks have different colors, and river Mandakini with its blue waters flows down. Overall – a must visit.

Agastyamuni: 18 kilometers from Rudraprayag is Agastyamuni, where Agastyamuni had meditated. It is at a height of 1000 meters. There is a temple of Agastyamuni here too. You can also avail the copter service. Nature is beautiful. There is a eatery and a forest rest house here.

37 kilometers from Rudraprayag is HariyaliDevi. Hariyali Devi is Devi Durga. The scenic beauty is awesome. Yiu can take a bus to Nagbus and then avail a shared vehicle. However, it is better to go in your own hired vehicle.

Chandrapuri: Newly promoted by GMVN, it is possibly the best place for pure tourists. It is 25 kilometers from Rudraprayag on the way to Kedarnath, and takes about an hour in a car of shared jeep. Panoramic views of the Himalayas are on offer here.2 kilometers from Chandrapuri is Sialchor tourist village, which is touted as the heaven on earth. Stay at GMVN's Chandrapuri (phone: 01364 – 258207) or visit their website.
Staying at Chandrapuri is an experience by itself. The constant gurgling of river Mandakini, along with chirping of mountain birds will fill your soul with divine calmness.
Kund is 9 kilometers from Shialchor, and 8 kilometers from the Kund is Guptkashi.

The next stop is Karnaprayag. Here the Karna Ganga meets the Alakananda, at a height of 788 meters. Check out the Karna kund and the Surya Kund. Nereby is Vinayak shila or stone. Hindus believe that touching this stone will wash off your sins. Karnaprayag is ajunction for roads as well, as roads to Adi Badri, Goaldam and Koushani starts from here. Some other parts of the Kumaun range is also connected to this place.

21 kilometers from Karnaprayag is Nandaprayag. Here there is a forest rest house and a Gopala temple. Staying here is not advised.

The final Prayag, the Vishnuprayag is situated 68 kilometers from Nandaprayag, at a height of 1372 meters, where the Dhauli Ganga meets the Alakananda. Joshimath is 12 kilometers from this sangam. The Queen of Holkar had built a temple and 9 kunds way back in 1889. You can also descend about 150 stairs to the waters of the prayag or sangam. The enthusiast can visit the Kakbhushundi lake from here.

How to reach: You can take buses or cars from Rishikesh. You can either touch the points from the seat of your bus, or choose to stay at some of them. Refer to GMVN's website to plan.

Where to stay: All the places have average and decent places to stay. Refer to our hotel booking links below, or GMVN's website.

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