Uttarakhand: Pauri, Khirsu, Lansdowne and Kotdwar


 Pauri, Khirsu, Lansdowne and Kotdwar:


From Kirtinagar, on the Kotdwar road, at a distance of 30 kilometers is Pauri, a place marked for its scenic beauty yet away from thronging tourists. It is at a height of 1817 meters, and covered in a green canopy of Pine, Birtch, Fir and other coniferous trees. The place is picture perfect, though there is dearth of shops. There is a Mal too. The sunrises and the sunsets are beautiful, with the Trishul, Kedarnath, Hatiparvat, Nilkhant, Sumeru, Chaukhamba, Kamling and a multitude of other snow covered peaks in full view from here. Fr sunsets, choose the sunset point beside the Defence barracks.

Check out the Laxmi Narayan temple, Kandolia Shiva temple 2 kilometers inside dense forests, Kankaleshwar Shiva temple (you will have to climb 3 kilometers uphill), Amal Dhaval range and Nag Devata temple.

Khirsu: 19 kilometers from Pauri is Khirsu, at a height of 17000 meters. It offers an unique viewpoint, with over 300 peaks at close range view. Coniferous trees keeps the place well covered and pollution free. Could have a special relation with this place and as the day approached towards its middle, clouds descend to chat with the place.

Must Do: You can do Para Gliding here. Also visit the Ghant Karna temple and the Ulkhagari temple. Stay here for a day or two, you will not regret your decision.

Where to Stay: GMVN's tourist Rest House, Khirsu (Call 01346 - 228509)

Where to Stay: GMVN's tourist Rest House, Pauri, in addition to a number of private arrangements. (Call GMVN Pauri at 01368 – 222359)

How to reach: Pauri and Khirsu can be reached from Haridwar. It is also well connected by buses from Srinagar, Kotdwar and Nazibabad.

Lansdowne and Kotdwar:

In the route of Srinagar, Pauri and Kotdwar, is a hamlet called Lansdowne. Situated at a hieght of 1716 meters, enveloped in coniferous trees like Oak, Pine and Fir, is the healthy place caled Lansdowne. It is a coveted place if you want to take rest and improve and heal your health. The air is pure, the scenic beauty pleasing, the weather, very cool. Previous to 1887, it was known as Kaldanda.

Civilization has not yet been able to destroy the natural beauty and its essence here.

About 2 kilometers from the tourist guest house is the Tip-N-Top point, a view point that offers panoramic views of the snow capped mountain peaks of the Himalayas. The Sunrises and the Sunsets are awesome.

Also check out the the Kaleshwar Shiva temple, Shakamvari temple, Defence's Durga temple, Mata Santoshi temple, the museum and the two churches. You can cover all these on foot.

Karnav Ashram: It is the prime attraction of the Kotdwar area. Part of the Rajaji National Park, it is located 14 kilometers off Kotdwar on the slopes of the Shivalik mountains. Encounters with elephants, bears and leopards are common. There is a deer park too, here.

Bharatnagar: Located 22 kilometers from Kotdwar, you can check out the bridge and the dam at Bharatnagar.

Haludpura: 58 kilometers from Kotdwar is Haludpura, a land of forests and mountains. It is on the banks of Palen river. The Corbett park kisses the place. You can stay at the banks of the Malini river at GMVN's Rest House. Contact Tourist Reception Center, Corbett Tiger Reserve, Kotdwar, Uttrakhand.

How to reach
: It can be easily reached from Haridwar. Trains are also available from Nazibabad, Delhi and Dehradun.

Where to Stay: Try for GMVN's tourist accommodations, as they are the best in the region. There are a few private hotels too.

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