Uttarakhand: Purnagiri and Nanak Mata - A Traveller's Guide



A famous hill station, Purnagiri, is located at the edges of the beautiful mountains. The surrounding natural locale of Purnagiri is pulling countless numbers of nature lovers every year. But, pilgrims from different corners of India are assembling on the premise of Purnagiri for the existence of the holy courtyard of Bhagavati Devi who is riding on her hauler, lion. The idol of the divine power, Bhagavati Devi is made up of white marbles and is blessing her devotees with her eight hands.

This seven feet tall diminutive temple is astonishingly built on four pillars. The followers of the divine power walk slowly through the precipitous staircase which is, however, protected with railings. This consecrated holy manor is not more than 3 km away from Tunsas. Devotees who flock to the temple premise in abundance believe that the Goddess always fulfills the worldly desires of her followers.

During 1632, the emperor of Kumaon, Gyan Chandra had erected this consecrated temple and established the deity on her very own throne. A very old and unique tree on the premise of the temple is accompanying the holy deity. Devotees and inhabitants believe that the divine power rides on her hauler and moves around the temple premise during every night. Purnagiri is one of the Sati Piths of Hindu communities. It’s not very easy for the pilgrims, to access the holy Hindu Sati Pith, Purnagiri. The road to Purnagiri is really tough. Devotees face problems of anti socials and denizens on the trip to Purnagiri. Tourists and devotees have to make their own arrangements to visit the temple of Purnagiri from the nearest railway station, Tanakpur.

The temple gets overcrowded during Ashokashtami. Thousands of pilgrims gather on the temple premise to celebrate the occasion. The auspicious Navaratri, observed in the month of Ashwin (According to the Hindu calendar year), is pulling crowds from faraway places as well. The Government takes the responsibility and organizes an eventful fair during 15th March- 30th April. Tourists can even stay here during this festival in the temporary shack. During these prominent festivals, buses ply to Thuligad, situated at the foothill, through the opaque woodland from the bus stand, about 1 km away from the Tanakpur railway station. A fair is also organized in Thuligad. Temporary arrangements are there for the tourists who want to stay overnight here at the roadside huts. During festivals, devotees start their trip to Purnagiri all the way from Thuligad. Slender and undulating road goes through the virgin forest. Devotees would witness the scenic beauty of the soaring mountain and a deep quarry at two different sides of the road. Sarda River is marking its way through this uneven land. The trip to the temple unfolds different and colorful façade of nature. But, many decide not to visit the temple due to the tough road. The divinity of Purnagiri, however, draws attention of people of every age as well at the same time. Trekking lovers would definitely enjoy the steep road to the holy temple.

Innumerable devotees can comfortably stay at the Bhairav Tirth, Tunsas, about 5 km away from Thuligad. Dharamsalas and small hotels are scattered in and around Tunsas. Generators supply electricity to switch on the lights here.

Nanakmatta: Nanakmatta, on the Khatima- Tanakpur road, is a famous holy Sikh pilgrimage spot. 1st Sikh Guru Nanak visited Nanakmatta during 1515 for a meeting with Gorakhnath. To recall that story, a commemorative of Guru Nank, Gurdwara, had been constructed in Nanakmatta.

Tourists and pilgrims can take pleasure in the water sports, organized on the water surface of the water body which is spread across sprawling 18 square meters.

Nanaksagar Tourist Rest House of KMVN is a place where tourists can enjoy their stay at. Tourists can stay and take their foods in Gurdwara as well.

How to reach Purnagiri: One of the most important railway stations of Kumaon is Tanakpur which is also the nearest station of Purnagiri. Trains are traveling to Tanakpur from Pilibhit railway station which is located on the railway track of Lucknow- Lal Kuan. Tanakpur is also connected to Kasganj and Shahjahanpur by train. Buses ply to the bus stand of Tanakpur from Lucknow, Pilibhit, Pithoragarh and many more North Indian destinations. During the festivities, buses run to Tanakpur from different places of Kumaon. Tanakpur is 1384 km away from Kolkata.

Where to stay at Purnagiri: The Tourist Bungalow of KMVN is one of the nice hotels in Tanakpur to stay overnight at.

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