West Bengal - Bandel


Bandel is known to be place where you carry packed food and spend the day soaking in the Portuguese art and architecture, supplemented by the beauty of the river Hoogly. It is a favorite place for school outings and picnics. The Roman Catholic Church and monastery built by the Portuguese in 1599 is still the prime attraction of Bandel. It was rebuilt in 1640 by the Portugese after ShaJahan has partly destroyed it in 1632, when he took control of the place and eventually had to relinquish control to the Portuguese. It is the oldest standing church of Bengal. The frontal arcade of the church is inspired by the Doric architecture of Greece. It also boasts of a number of paintings of Jesus on the inside. The church was awarded Basilica in 1988, which has increased its appeal.

It can be easily reached by rail or by road from Kolkata.

Bandel Church    Inside of Church    preview of church

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