West Bengal - Bardhaman


Burdwan, 95 km away from Kolkata, can be reached by train or bus easily. It is actually known as Bardhaman, which the British mis pronounced as Burdwan. The name Burdwan is given according to the name of Burdwan Mahabir. At the time of Alexender the name of Burdwan was Parthenis.

Star of India gate, a perfect example of Indian architecture made in the memories of Lord Karzan is now called Vijay Toron, meaning victory gate. It is situated in the heart of this congested city on G.T. Road. The palace of Burdwan is now home to the university and Udaichand Girls’ college. Pir Baharam, Lokamanch and Hawa Mahal are some important tourist destinations of Burdwan. There are some important Hindu religious points too, like the Kali devi temple, Kankaleshwari Kali temple, Barduriya, Burdwamaneshwar Shiva temple and the 108 Shiva temple of Nababhata. Among other points to visit, you will definitely enjoy Golapbag, Meghnath Saha planetarium, science center, Ramnar garden and the Karuj campus of Thalkita.

The central part of the town is very congested and very unorganized, and is ruled by rickshaws and vehiecles of all kind, and it would be prudent to avoid the central city in day time.

There are few places like Bardhaman to tingle your sweet buds. Taste the delicacies like Sitabhog and Mihidana of Burdwan. It’s not mandatory to stay there but if you decide to stay for a day then you will get many private lodges at a range of  Rs.500 per day, or hotels at more than Rs.1000 – Rs1500 per day.

Bardhaman can be reached from all places of Bengal, and is a major rail station in itself. It takes about one and half to two hours from Howrah by train. The Golden Quadrilateral also runs through Bardhaman, and reaching by road is quite comfortable from Kolkata.

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