West Bengal : Barrackpore


Barrackpore, only 25 km away from Kolkata, is associated with Sipahi or Sepoy (soldier) revolution of 1857. Mangal Pandey, the hero of the Sepoy revolution (Sepoy mutiny) was hanged by the British in Latbagan, Barrackpore, which is now an area of armed police force. Sepoy mutiny, the great Indian rebellion, is also known as India's First War of Independence. The rebellion was started as a milliatary mutiny, and gradually had the whole nation involved. In the remembrance of the sacrifice of the hero in the revolt of 1857, State Government has built a commemorative in Dhobighat and also a park called the Mangal Pandey Park in river side road, Barrackpore. The palace of Vice Roy is now a police hospital.
Manirampur, situated in Barrackpore, is the birth place of Surendra Nath Bandapadhyay. An Ashrama of Mahadevananda, the sage, is another place worthy of mention.
Gandhighat, the main attraction of Barrackpore, can be reached by hiring a rickshaw from the Barrackpore railway station, is a well planned picnic spot of Barrackore. A Gandhi museum nearby has rare collection of books and articles used by Gandhi. More than 7000 books, 6 galleries, pictorial representations of Ghandhiji’s life on 100 feet tall wall, 38 oil paintings made by different renowned individuals, furniture and letters written by Mahatma Gandhi are maintained in Gandhi museum. The near by Annapurna temple of Rani Rashmani, an imitation of the Dakhineshwar temple, lies at the Banks of the River Ganges, is another temple where you can visit.
Palta water works, spreading over 480 acres area in the Barrackpore subdivision, was made to supply water to different parts of Nadia district and also to Kolkata.
How to reach: Local trains to Barrackpore railway station are very frequently available from Sealdah railway station, Kolkata. Buses which start from Esplanade, Kolkata take one hour to reach Barrackpore. For a comfortable journey you can also take your car for the trip.
Where to stay: If you have plans to stay in Barrackpore, Hotel Malancha T L of WBTDC should be considered.

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