West Bengal : Bethuadahari


Bethuadahari, a city situated at a distance of 128 km from Kolkata, is well known to the tourists of West Bengal for the Bethuadahari sanctuary and forest. Although different kinds of deer are the main attractions of the sanctuary but you can also see rabbits, Banbiral (A type of wild cat), monkeys, sambar and snakes. Zoo and nature observation centre are also there for tourists. Watching a group of deer taking their foods and strolling around the forest area in the moonlight is an enticing experience.
How to reach: Bethuadahari sanctuary is 1 km away from the Bethuadahari railway station. Bethuadahari can be reached from the Sealdah railway station by Lalgola Passenger. The city can also be accessed by buses which start from Esplanade bus terminus, Kolkata. Bus will take 4 hours to reach you to Bethuadahari. You can also go in your personal car.
Where to stay: Rest house 1 and 2 both are situated adjacent to the National Highway 34 and provide night stay facilities. Lunch and dinner can also be arranged for you by the rest house authority.

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