West Bengal - Chinsurah


Close to Hoogly is Chinsura, also pronounced 'chunchura' by the locals. It is a place that has intermingled various different cultures, like the Armenian, the Dutch, the British and the Indian. Even the Mughals and the Marathas were also at Chinsurah. The Dutch had built Fort Gustavus at in 1628. The Armenian colony came up sometime at 17th century. The Dutch had built an Octagonal church in 1678. You will find the ruins of East India Company's barracks, the Dutch cemetery, Jagweshwar Shiv mandir, the Mohosin college, which was Dutch general's residence, and the Armani church, built in 1695. The Dutch left Chinsura in 1825, and as a gesture of good bilateral relations, they have repaired most of what has remained of their stay at that period. The great author Bankim Chandra had stayed here while he was a Magistrate, and had authored Vande Mataram right from here. The court, Commissioner’s bungalow, the river banks, cemetery and sat bibir garh, has all been renovated by the Dutch, and is a pleasure to watch. It is, like all other places of the Hoogly district, is easily reached from Kolkata by rail or road.

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