West Bengal: Diamond Harbour


Diamond harbor, the diamond port of British, is just 48 km away from Kolkata. Although the old historical glory of the port city is not there but it is now a well known picnic spot for tourists along the banks of the river Ganges. The light house and the Portuguese fort are still standing tall for tourists. City dwellers can also see many war shooters around the city. The fist telegraph station of India was also built in the year 1951 in Diamondharbour. Enthusiast tourists who can manage some time they can go to the museum of Kalidas Dutta in Jaynagar. The nearby town Kulpi is going to be another port of West Bengal in near future. If you are fond of seeing ancient archeological excellences you need to visit Kankanadighi village to see Buddha idol, Mahabir idol, Mahishamardini, Vishnu idol and a lot of old books. 31 food processing centers and 42 fish selling stalls are prepared in Sultanpur spending as much as Rs.5,00,00000. Make all necessary arrangements and take food packets along with you for a whole day outing in Diamondharbor. You can also enjoy a blissful boat ride in the Ganges to refresh your mind. Vessels are available from Dimondharbour to Kukrahati. A lot of people travel to Kukrahati regularly for their works. Kunkrahati is connected to Haldia port by bus.

How to reach: Diamondharbor is connected to Kolkata both by bus and by trains. Frequent local trains are available to Diamondharbor from Sealdah south section railway station, Kolkata. You can also avail buses from esplanade bus terminus, Kolkata. You can also take a drive.

Where to stay: Diamondharbor tourist lodge, Benfish guest house, Hotel Hangsharaj, Hotel Ambi, Omar hotel, Hotel Piyasa, and Hotel Mahua.

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