West Bengal : Fhullara


Fhullara (Also spelt as Phullora), the pilgrimage spot, about 186 km away from Kolkata, is considered as one of the 51 Pithas of Hindu communities. The lips of the Sati (A form of Devi Durga) are said to have fallen here. The temple of Fullora, built in 1302 (According to the Bengali calendar year), doesn’t have any idol. As a substitute there is a tortoise-shaped rock which is worshipped in the temple as the Goddess. A big fair takes place every year on Maghi Purnima (An auspicious occasion according to the Bengali spiritual convention) and the utsav (occasion) continues for 10 days. There is a big pond beside the temple. It is believed Hanuman collected 108 blue lotuses from the pond when Sri Ramachandra required them for the reverence of the Goddess Durga. Two Shiva temples are also there beside the pond.
Previously there was an Ashrama of Durvasa (also spelt as Durvasas), the ancient sage, in Dubsa, Gopalpur which is 3 km away from Fullora but now it is damaged.
Labhpur, a near by village of Fullora, the birth place of the writer Tarashankar Bandapadhyay is another attraction for tourists. The panchayet (Village committee) has built a museum in remembrance of Tarashankar Bandapadhyay in Labhpur.
Enthusiasts can also go to Bele, a 3 km away village from Ahmedpur. Ahmedpur can be reached by the bus from Fullora within 30 minutes. You can hire a rickshaw to see the famous temple of the Dharmaraj in Bele. It is said that the patients come from distance to have the effect of the spiritual oil after taking a bath in the pond adjacent to the temple which has celestial healing powers for arthritis.
How to reach: Take a train or bus to go to Bolpur. Buses are available from Bolpur to Fhullara. If you don’t get the direct bus to Fhullara you need to take a bus after you get down at Labhpur. You can definitely hire your own car to go to Fhullara.
Where to stay: Fhullara has not yet come up with hotels which can serve your purpose. The trip should be planned such that you can stay there in Santiniketan, a 50 km away place from Fhullara and visit Fhullara temple. Santiniketan tourist lodge, H Royal Bengal, Khelaghar and many more hotels and guest houses are there in Santiniketan.

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