West Bengal - Hooghly


Hoogly is a place even older than Kolkata, and had witnessed many events in history. Close to Hoogly was Bengal's greatest port of one time, Saptagram. The Portuguese arrived at Saptagram in about 1525, and built hoogly. It was known as port Pekuana at that time. The East India Company came to Hoogly at the 17th century, and had also built a factory at 1651. In the later years, it had changed hands between the mughals and the British, among heavy bloodsheds. However, nothing of that period remains.
The only notable construction here is the Shia Imambara built by Md. Mohosin in 1861, about 2kms away from the church. It also has a solar clock and a watch tower, worthy of visit. The marble walls of th mosque has scriptures from the Holy Quran engraved. The place enjoys a great number of footfalls during the Muslim festival of Muhharam. One can also boat in the river beside.

One can also visit Rajhat village, which is frequented by birds. Lucky ones can also catch glimpses of pecock dancing.

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