West Bengal : Kenduli


Kendubilbo, also know as Kenduli village, situated at the banks of Ajay river is known as the birth place of the poet Jaidbeb.

Kenduli Mela or Kenduli fair is held in Kenduli village, at the birth place of jaidev, who composed Geet Govinda in Sanskrit. The fair is held on Makar Sankranti Day (the last day in the bengali month of poush). The 50 years old fair serves as a great congregation for Bauls (A community which sings a special form of rural folk Bengali music) of Bengal. Though the spiritual significance of the fair had got diluted over the years, but the economic importance still remains. It is said that the fair continues for 3 days, but actually it continues for almost 15 days.

The Radha Binod Temple, built by the king of Bardhaman in 1692 depicting the terracotta architecture of that time, is an important place to visit. Kukeshwar temple and Mausoleum are the temples where you can visit to see the ancient architectures of India. Sidhasan stone, situated at the fuleshwarghat of Ajay River, where poet Jaideb completed Gitgobindam is also a place of interest. You can see the home of the poet Jaidev but it is almost destroyed. Bilbomangal Dham, which was his living place of Bilbomangal is situated at a distance of 2 km towards the southern side of the home of Jaidev should also be seen. You can also visit Babli oasis, a 3 hectors long artificial farming field which has been prepared for the villagers to make them independent. You can stay here in Babli for a night and enjoy the charm of this part of rural Bengal.

Sibpur situated at the other side of Ajay River is another destination for the interested travelers. The Shyamrupa temple, situated at a distance of 10 km from the banks of Ajay River is very famous here. Narayan temple and the durga worshiped by Ichai Ghosh are in ruins. You can also take a look at the 100 feet tall Shiva temple of Ichai Ghosh in Shibpur.

How to reach: Kenduli village is around 35 km from Suri. Bus services are available from Suri to Kenduli village. Suri is also well connected by railways from Kolkata. It is convenient to take your own car for this trip.

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