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Krishnanagar, is a city at a distance of 100 km from Kolkata. It takes about three days stay at Krishnagar if you want to visit all the nearby places at one go. Many tourist lodges both private and government are easily available in reasonable rates. The earlier name of Krishnanagar was reue. Maharaj Rudra had given the name Krishnanagar. It’s important to plan your trip such that on the first day you cover Krishnanagar, Shirinibas, Bethuadahari, on the second day Mayapur, Nabadwip and on the third day Santipur, Fuliya or phulia is covered.

Krishnanagar is famous mainly because of its fantastic works on clay sculpture. Making clay idols on the banks of Jalangi River provides livelihood to many people here. The palace of Old Kingdom is still very attractive even though many parts of the palace are broken with time. Architecture on Catholic Church and Durga temple inside the premises of the palace are other places that should be integral part of your Krishnanagar trip.

Other attractions include Ranikuthi, the ancestral home of Pramatha Chowdhury, College house built in 1846, public library built in 1856, Krishnanagar academy, Protestant church, Ashok nagar village, Nilkuthi and the temple of Nrisingha Dev.

You can also visit Shivnibas by bus from krishnanagar to see Rajrajeswar Shiva temple, Bagishwar Shiva temple and Ram-Sita temple.
Don’t forget to taste Sarpuria and Sarbhaja, the renowned sweets of Krishnanagar, both made from milk.

To reach Krishnanagar, you can take buses from Kolkata, trains from Sealdah station of Kolkata, or hire a car for the entire journey.


Shantipur, the residence of Shantamuni, is 20 km away from Krishnanagar. Santipur is directly connected by railway from Sealdah railway station, Kolkata.

Shyamchand, Gokulchand, Jaleshwar are some temples which are popular in Santipur along with its Santipuri Saris. Rash, a festival of Radha and Lord Krishna, attracts many travelers to Santipur. Baishnab sect of Hinduism is quite popular here.

The place is also famous for its cotton weaved sarees and carries the rich Bengal tradition of weaving decorative cotton sarees. They are also inexpensive here. Prices manifold as they reach Kolkata.

How to reach: Shantipur can be reached from Krishnagar by bus or by narrow gauge railway. Santipur can also be reached from Sealdah railway station by Santipur local. You can also avail SBSTC, WBSTC buses from Esplanade, Kolkata to go to Santipur.

Or to stay clear of the public transport, you can reach by your own car and come back the same day.


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