West Bengal - Masanjor


Masanjor, a destination for the nature lovers is situated at a distance of 58 km from Kolkata. On the way to Masanjor get down at Suri to see the 200 years old Damodar temple situated in Sonator village, Suri. The design of Radhakrishna idol on the wall of Damodar temple depicting terracotta architecture looks beautiful. You can also see the Tilpara barrage while going to Masanjor by bus.
Masanjor is a beautiful spot for picnic and outing lovers. The barrage of masanjor, a 2000 feet long and 113 feet tall barrage with 21 lock gates was built on the Mayurakhi river in-between two mountains is also known as the Canada damn as it is built in collaboration with Canada Govt. The scenic beauty of Masanjor attracts travelers. The power plant of Masanjor is also very famous.
You can also walk down to the village, Lampa, to see the rich cultural background of the backward communities.
How to reach: Masanjor is around 40 km from Suri. Regular bus services are available from Suri to Masanjor. Suri is also well connected by railways from Kolkata. Suri has come up with many hotels for travelers. District bungalows, Irrigation bungalow, Bharat Sebasram Sangha are some notable ones. Masanjor also has many hotels to welcome you.

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