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Mayapur, the previous name was Miyapur, is a small city famous for International Society for Krishna Conscious (ISKCON) temple. Mayapur is also known as the birth place of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya Dev. It took 14 years and more than 10 crores to make Swamy temple which is made in the memories of Sri Prabhupad inside the ISKCON premises.

If you hire a rickshaw you can visit many near by places of ISKCON like Maharaj Math of Bhakti Saranga Goswami, Sribash garden, Odwaita Bhawan, Sri Chaitanya math, Radhakunda, Gobardhan, Tamal tree, 500 years old Golokchapa tree, 100 feet tall and 30 feet high pillar of Ballal Sen etc. The palace of Ballal Sen was also present in Mayapur but now it is in ruins.
The temple itself is the most important visit and it has facilities to stay and spend time in a divine surroundings. It stands at the bank of the river.

Sankarpur, a 2 km away destination from Mayapur is a place for bird lovers. You can reach Sankarpur by boat. River sanctuary Sankarpur is another place worth seeing. Sealdah Katoa local or Howrah Katoa local will take you to Purbasthali, where from you need to hire a rickshaw to reach Sankarpur sanctuary.

How to reach: Buses are available from Krishnanagar. It takes 1:30 hrs from krishnanagar. Many trains and buses are available from Kolkata to Krishnanagar. You can avail trains from howrah to Nabadwip dham and then cross the river by vessel to reach Mayapur. Now package tour to Mayapur is also available from Kolkata. You can also take a car right into the temple premises.



                                                                                                   Inside ISKON Temple

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