West Bengal: Mirik, Darjeeling


Mirik, a nest in the hills, at an altitude of 1767 meters, is a hill station with its own charismatic and special charms. Mirik, the city of fire, is 49 km away From Darjeeling and 52 km away From Siliguri. A rich and dark forest with thousands of Crypto Maria and Japonica trees form the slopes on the west of Mirik. Many tourists come to Mirik to watch the astonishing lake here. Ramtedanra, the hill standing just beside the Lake of Mirik, is a place where from the view of sunrise and sunset is very exciting. You can also enjoy the classy look of the valley adjacent to Ramtedaran hill. Mirik doesn’t witness as low temperature as that of Darjeeling but the pleasing weather of Mirik is an attraction. Mirik has got its first rank in orange production in Darjeeling district.

A 3.5 km winding narrow road takes you to the lake, the main attraction of Mirik. Seeing the lake and the 5 km stretched adjoining valley are the best parts of Mirik visit. Enjoying a boat ride in the lake is an enticing experience for tourists. The beautiful 1.25 km extended lake is the main striking spot of the Mirik. The popularity of Mirik is due to the presence of the lake. The depth of the lake water varies from a minimum of 3 feet to maximum of 26 feet. The experience of walking alongside the lake is fascinating. The lake is surrounded by orange gardens and different types of orchids. The 80 feet long arch-type over bridge across the lake is an example of wonderful and brilliant engineering skill. On a clear day, you will find the reflection of Kanchenjunga in the lake water.

Pasupatinagar, about 11 km away from Mirik and Jorpokhri, at an altitude of 10, 500 feet are the two places nearby which deserve a visit. The panoramic view from Naora valley is very eye-catching. Lepcha Jagat (world), the green heaven, by the lines of Dhupi, Guras, Chap, Kaola, Kartus, Utis and Pine forest, is 19 km away from Darjeeling. If you look at Darjeeling from the watch tower of Lepcha at night you will feel that someone has watchfully garnished the city of Darjeeling with arrays of lights.

If you have time in your hand, then you can go to Gokul, situated at a distance of 26 km from Siliguri. Gokul looks really beautiful enclosed with Gayabari tea garden, rippling river and forests.

How to reach: Mirik is well connected with Darjeeling and Siliguri by road. A lot of buses are available to Mirik both from Siliguri and Darjeeling.

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