West Bengal : Nirol


Nirol, the small village situated at the banks of the Eshani (also spelt as Ishani) River, about 165 km away from Kolkata, located amidst of forest, is one of the significant Sati Pithas of Hindu communities as it is believed that the lip of Devi Sati had fallen here. There is no idol inside the main temple, prevalently known as the Nirol Attahas Temple. Anyone who is willing to get rice as prasada (the food substance which is firstly offered to the Deity and then consumed) from the temple, can collect it along with the blessings of the Deity. The road to the temple is tough but you can hire a rickshaw to the temple which will cost you 30-40 rupees.
Ketugram, another Sakti Pithas, approximately 13 km away towards the north-western side of Katwa, is known for the Bahula temple. Devi Bahula, considered as the mother of art, is very striking with her three prominent eyes and four arms but the left arm of Bahula Devi is now broken. The Ganesh, residing at the left hand side of Bahula, is very popular here as the Deity has eight arms. You can also see the Bhairav (Fiery) bhiruk form of Bahula in Srikhand, Ketugram. At the time of Chandraketu, the son of the king Bhupal, the name of the village is changed to Ketugram from Bahula.
How to reach: Nirol can be accessed both by railways and by road transport. If you prefer railways, avail the train to Ambika Kalna from Howrah railway station and from Kalna catch the trains which are going to Ahmedpur and get down at Nirol halt station. There are several local trains as well as express trains available from Howrah railway station to Ambika Kalna. It is advisable to hire a car on rent to visit Nanoor, Udharanpur, Katwa at one go.

Where to stay: There are not many hotels available here. Only an ordinary guest house is available. If you want to stay in a good hotel then the best option is to stay in Katwa.

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