West Bengal - Parmadan Mrigamela


Naldugri, a 105 km away place can be a destination keeping Kolkata as base. You can reach Nalgugri by bus from Esplanade heading to Duttaphulia. If you miss the bus of 8:30 am then you can go to Bongaon by train from Sealdah railway station and Naldugri is 28 km away from Bongaon. You can then take a rickshaw to reach Parmadan Mrigamela which is 5 km away from Naldugri. Going by your own car is also possible.

64 hector forests of Parmadan Mrigamela is also known as  “Bibhutibhusan animal sanctuary”. More than 300 deers are the main attraction of Parmadan. It looks beautiful when they graze together. The chirping of different known and unknown birds along with the experience of enjoying the beauty of quiet Ichamati River that borders the western, southern and northern part of the sanctuary. There is a sizeable population of monkeys too. Parmadan Mrigamela forest refreshes your soul. A view of the forest from the terrace of the forest lodge in a full moon night will be an experience to cherish upon.

Apart from the attractions of Parmadan, palace of Rakhaldash bandopadhyay at Naodanga, house of Bibhuti Bhusan Bandapadhyay, Temple of Gopalbhar at belegram, Godrapur globe nursery, Charak fair at the time of Chaitra Sankranti, Kalitala, Hari temple of Sri Sri Hari Chand tagore, are places worth visiting.

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