West Bengal: Phalut near Sandakphu


Phalut, 23 km away from Sandakphu, is spreading its arms wide open and inviting tourists to come and enjoy the dark and virgin forest of Rhododendron and Magnolia. Enjoying the vista of Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga from Phalut will surely be a mind-blowing experience. You can also walk down to the sunrise spot through the zigzag inconsistent road which is wrapped with the mystic charm of the nature.

Phalut is a small hamlet renowned for its rich forests of Silver fur, Oak, Magnolia, hemlock and Rhododendron and collections of different species of orchids on the landscapes of Phalut. The musical chirpings of the singing birds are an additional attraction for the nature lovers.

Enthusiasts can trek to both Singalila pass, about 8 km from Phalut and Chiabhanjan, lies 8 km away from Phalut. Sikkim is also not very far away from Phalut. It is just a 10 km away from Chiabhajan.

Srikhola and Rimbik are the other two nearby hill stations to watch and the hilly road that leads to Rimbik is enveloped by the rich forest, at a height of 10, 000 feet.

How to reach: Phalut, about 23 km away from Sandakphu, can be reached by hiring a jeep or by trekking.

Where to stay: Trekkers hut of Maneybhanjan, Tonglu, Gairibas, Sandakphu, Phalut, Gorkhey, Srikhola, Rammam, and Rimbick.
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