West Bengal : Phulia


Phulia, a very tiny town of Nadia District, about 92 km away from Kolkata, is known as the birth place of Krittibas Ojha who had translated the Indian epic Ramayana to Bengali. You can come to Phulia to see the home of Krittibas Ojha which now has both the library with the collection of his books and also an information centre built in remembrance of the writer. The information centre contains 36 oil paintings on the epic Ramayana and a lot of translated versions of Ramayana. Beneath the renowned banyan tree of Phulia where Krittibas Ojha wrote his book, is also a place of interest. Every year Phulia organizes a fair on the occasion of the Krittibas Ojha’s birthday.
The bhajan Sthali temple of Haridasa (Also spelt as Haridas) Thakur, a saint, is situated adjacent to Krittibas Ojha’s home. It is said that Haridasa Thakur was a firm believer of the Vaishnav (A sect of Hindu community) culture and religion even though he belonged to the Muslim community. On that note the local king had punished him in front of the whole locality but generous Haridasa Thakur had never cursed anyone for that. You should also see the Radha Gabinda temple of Phuliya on the way to Krittibas Ojha’s home.
Today, delicately woven textiles and saris in striking designs and colors are produced in its own unique weaving style. Phulia specializes in Tangaile and Jamdani work.
Hijuli forest located at a distance of two and half km from Phulia, Mangaldweep of pairadanga, Devi Siddheshwari temple in Ranaghat, Olaichandi temple in Birnagar can also be seen within 4 hours if you hire a car from Phulia.
How to reach: Phulia is directly connected to Kolkata by railways and also by road. Buses run very frequently to Phulia from Esplanade bus terminus, Kolkata. Santipur local, a train starts from Sealdah railway station goes to Phulia station. It takes not more than 3 hours to reach Phulia from Kolkata.
Where to stay: If you plan to visit Phulia, Krishnagar, Nabadwip, Santipur at one go. It is best for you to stay at Krishnanagar because Phulia doesn’t have any hotels where you can spend a night. Krishnanagar Municipal Tourist Lodge, Santana lodge, paradise lodge are some good hotels in Krishnanagar.

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