West Bengal: Falta, Raichak and Ochipur


Falta, the town about 43 km downriver, was under the Dutch territory. The British Retreated here in 1756 when Kolkata was captured by Siraj-ud-daula. It was also from here that Clive recaptured Kolkata and Falta fort was a creative and artistic creation of the British. The “Mayapuri Kanan”, the palace of Sir Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, situated beside the police station, is the main attraction of Falta. He discovered the life in trees here in Falta. Falta point where Damodar and Hoogly rivers confluence is another finicky spot which has a tourist interest. West Bengal Government is planning to make Falta a tourist destination and industrial hub as well. Export processing zone, industrial growth centre and free trade zone are some of the admiring and noteworthy initiatives of the State Government. 

Falta can be reached from Kolkata by bus in 2 hours time. You can also take your car to Falta for a one day picnic.

Hotel Rajhans, Nainan Falta Industrial Growth Centre, and ISIL guest house are notable hotels in Falta.

Raichak town, about 52 km from Kolkata, is acting as a frontier between Haldia at south and Falta at the northern side of Raichak. Raichak is a nice spot for a week end outing. Many expensive and luxurious hotels and resorts have come up alongside the Ganges with their quality services. You can enjoy your stay in a resort and take pleasure in the view of the Ganges from your doorstep as a part of your week end relaxation.

Roychak is connected from Kolkata by bus. Buses start from different parts of Kolkata to Roychawk.

Luxurious The FFort Raichak, Hotel Raichak near to the fish port, Omar hotel and resort are some of the notable hotels for a night stay.

Ochipur has got its name from Tong Ochi, the Chinese business man. This is the first China colony of West Bengal, at the banks of the River Hooghly. Celebration of Chinese New Year is famous and eminent event here. The God Khodakhudi and adjoining temple of “Dakhin Roy” are significant spots of Ochipur.

You have to go to BudgeBudge by local train from Sealdah Railway Station, Kolkata and then hiring a rickshaw or auto will take you to Ochipur.

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